Welcome to the Writers’ Forum!

No longer will I be the only one posting SHORT stories here ; but now I’m inviting other writers young and old (like me!) to collaborate on creating a massive network or association of writers if you will; that will create a whole new industry for writers, especially in the category of E books.

Are you a young (or old) writer or novelist looking for outlets for your creative writing? What Genre are you interested in? Do you have hopes of being published on a website like Amazon? Well, you have come to the right place, especially if you intend to make a mark in E books!

Not only will you get a chance to publish your work freely here, but also to get it featured as Story of the Week or Story of the Month. That means that it will go out to other blogs which I collaborate with.

Not only that; you will get an opportunity to do collabos with other authors on this forum. Imagine what we can achieve, creating characters, worlds, scenarios through joint interaction!!!

Finally, there will be tutorials on a number of things; such as

  • How to get self-published on Amazon
  • How to create worlds with their own laws (i.e. if you are into fantasy).
  • How to write serialized novels.

There’s a whole lot more that will be going on right here that you don’t want to miss out on.













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