Are you a young and aspiring writer? Have you ever published any of your stories or novels in a magazine, on a website, blog, or as a hard copy book?

If not, then this website is meant for you. Here;

  1. You get the opportunity to feature your short stories free of charge.
  2. Your stories could be picked as Short Story of the Week or Month if they are pretty good.
  3. That means they will be featured in other blogs that I am affiliated with.
  4. Story Writing Competitions that could earn you cold hard cash.
  5. There will be opportunities for collabos with other writers on this forum. That means sharing a great wealth of experience from the pool!

There will be tutorials on:

  • How to create your own blog
  • How to self-publish yourself on Amazon
  • How to write a pretty good chapter by chapter Synopsis (i.e. A summary of each chapter, containing all the key elements of the chapters; and other tutorials.
  • Much more than this, we all will have a chance of collaborating together on some major projects – creating trilogies, complete worlds…totally resurrecting the writing industry and the reading culture.
  • All you need to do if interested is to fill the contact form below. In the contact form simply state your Genre Preference/Preferences and if you would like to be an Occasional Writer or a Feature Writer.
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