Do you think in pictures or words?

Most people think both ways. I once ran a survey and out of 50 friends only 36 responded. 20 out of the 36 thought first in words and then augmented words with pictures while the other 16 thought first in pictures and then translated pictures into words.

Yes we certainly have both verbal and visual thinkers and learners and both visual and verbal thinking play a role in understanding things.

However when you read a novel most people will agree that the novel seems to transmute its words automatically into pictures!

But there is a whole lot more than just pictures going on in a novel, for your emotions come into play…there is tension…suspense…heartbreak…grief…relief…disappointment…all of which the reader experiences in various degrees according to the level to which they have developed their imaginative powers; and that’s exactly what my next post will be about – the Imagination!

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