The Imagination


If you have read a novel to the very end and you experienced flowing motion pictures as the words described what you were reading, then you have a pretty well developed imagination.

However this stage is what is called PASSIVE IMAGINATION – when you imagine what others want you to imagine through their words.

However as children most of us had fantasies or dreams of becoming doctors, engineers and so forth and those dreams or fantasies usually translated to moving pictures in our mind’s eye.

This is referred to as ACTIVE IMAGINATION – when you imagine what you want to imagine for yourself.

But both active and passive imagination is not the full scope of the ability to imagine. We must move beyond that and enter the realm of CONSTRUCTIVE IMAGINATION – where we use our imagination constructively to do such things as plan the details of every single day, reform behavioural patterns, create ideas and concepts, and so forth.

For instance, you may have had cause to dwell or brood on something someone did to hurt you and then your mind begins to imagine the various kinds of responses you will give the person when you finally meet…perhaps a few harsh words…perhaps even a dirty slap!

You see you are REHEARSING in your imagination the pattern your behaviour will take towards that person when you eventually meet him or her. This is DESTRUCTIVE IMAGINATION.

But if destructive imagination can be used in this manner, then so can constructive imagination.

You see, REHEARSING leads to REINFORCEMENT which in turn leads to REALITY.

We all shape our behavioural patterns and thought patterns by what we rehearse in our imagination!

I will be back tomorrow with more!

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