Funmi Fallen! Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9

The voice whipped his mind like a whip lash across his bare back; the searing pain sent waves of agony throughout his entire being. Olu Longe knew he was not in his physical body; somehow he had entered a different realm through the waters he had been staring at.

Fool, I own you! Think you that the wealth and affluence of your lineage came at no cost? You and your generations past and future were covenanted to me by your ancestors in exchange for endless wealth and power, and you will do my bidding! The High Priestess is now under the protective custody of a Believer and you will seek her out and ensure he never has access to her again!

I will do as you say my Lord; replied Olu, thoroughly cowed by the pain and the terrifying presence of the one who towered above him.

The Being had two huge angry black eyes that dominated his face; and a gaping maw that had neither lips nor any teeth in it…just an open black hole. Its head was huge and it had a roughly human shape; except that where hands should have been, were huge paws with long and sharp claws, and its body was an elongated snake like torso that ended in two stumps which seemed to serve as its feet.

It hissed violently in anger, coiling and recoiling as it mind-spoke to Olu Longe. Olu bowed his head in terror at the heat of its anger.

He saw other Beings like it approaching all around him including from behind. He could see 360 degrees around him outside his physical form apparently. They came and formed concentric circles around him, chanting in a strange language, but gradually Olu slowly began to gain an understanding of their chants.

He is the High Priest

The one to provide the feast

The greatest and yet the least

The long awaited beast

They chanted the words over and over again as the circles tightened around him. He noticed that they all held short black knives that gleamed eerily and reflected even blacker shadows that flickered like candle light.

Then the first concentric circle thrust him through with their blades and faded out of sight to allow the second circle do the same till they all had thrust him through with their blades.

Olu felt pain beyond that which he could bear and watched a cold, dark black substance ooze out of his ethereal body as dizziness overcame him. The substance dripped into a huge chalice not unlike the black cauldron into which he had been staring before he left his body.

The High Priest has performed the first sacrifice! He has offered his substance! Drink, that you may lend him your power and might!

Olu did not hear the remaining words as he slowly regained consciousness in the store on his seat behind the black cauldron. He groaned in pain, feeling like a thousand needles had just pierced his body. He remembered everything and knew that he had passed through another Initiation…only this time; it was a mingling of his inner substance with the beings he had encountered…he knew this instinctively and immediately, his mind opened wide with the flooding in of new memories.

He remembered a past that he had never known…he saw that he was once a powerful High Priest…a shape shifter…a god to the ignorant…the one whom they had named the Beast!

He saw how he had terrorized villages in eons past as a shape shifting beast and devoured their children. He saw that he had returned in a new form but no less powerful…now he knew he had abilities he had never before remembered.

Olu created a mental image of a snake and slowly slithered to the ground as his body gradually lengthened into a long cylindrical shape and his arms and legs contracted with the agonizing sound of cracking bones till they were swallowed up by his elongated torso…now he knew where he came from…he was one of them…he was a demon…or perhaps he was just possessed by a legion of them.

He slithered under the door and slowly raised himself back into the stature of a man… he was satisfied…but his shape shifting abilities had also returned his voracious cravings and right now he craved the blood of a suckling child.

You do not need to be in your physical form to shape shift.

Olu greedily picked the beast that was uppermost in his mind…the animal instinct in him that most craved for baby blood…it was the wolf!

As the image became clear in his mind, so did he find himself leaving his body yet again but this time in the form of a wolf.

He moved beyond the speed of light through the twilight zone of the other realm, listening keenly for the sound of a wailing babe.

When he finally heard one, he sated his lust deeply and left the home with a silent child and its wailing mother in his wake.

He realized now that he was coming into his own…he was the High Priest of the Dark Kingdom, he was the god Moloch to whom children were sacrificed in ancient times…but more…he was Danakor…first among the Arch Demons!

He belched softly as he returned into his body and turned his attention towards his wife. Swiftly he scanned the mental images that flashed before the mental screen of his mind. They were vastly sharper and superior in quality to the faculty of imagination which like other mortals, he had once relied upon.

Now other faculties were open to him…he keyed into the image that showed her last known location with his spirit eyes and saw that she was in a church talking to some pastor. Beside her sat a man…that would be the Believer…he smiled and then began to laugh deeply…he was not surprised that his laughter was in a voice far deeper than any mortal voice could ever produce.

He toyed with the idea of going there in spirit but then he ‘remembered’ that just as he could see them, he could also hear them. Distance was no barrier in the realm of the spirit, for it did not operate based on the laws of space and time…it was an eternal dimension…an ever present now. It was the reason he could receive racial memories from generations past.

He watched his wife listen to the pastor; hanging on to his every word…he knew she would not return home. The Believer and the pastor would convince her not to…but he could always find her wherever she lodged, and she would probably lodge in some hotel.

It was the reason he was laughing so hard…there was no hiding place from him…he Danakor would find her and when he did; she would suffer the consequences of her disloyalty to the Dark Kingdom.

Danakor slowly faded into the background to allow Olu to resurface and continue with the mundane routine of his earthly life.


“The earth itself is a physical place, but the world is not. The terms ‘world’ and ‘earth’ have completely different meanings. Our Lord certainly made the distinction between ‘world’ and ‘earth’ when he said, “I have overcome the world” in John 16:33. It would be meaningless if he had said, ‘I have overcome the earth,’” said the pastor, after Muyiwa had introduced him to Kemi.

“The Strong’s Concordance first defines ‘World’ as ‘an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government.’

“The Vines Expository Dictionary also defines it as: ‘in alienation from and opposition to God.’”

“That should not be surprising since the bible teaches in 1 John 5:19, that “the whole world lies in wickedness;” and James 4:4, “…know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. ”

“There are many things I would love to say about the world but perhaps the most important thing for now is that there is a god of this world, also known as the prince of this world and all those who love and are attached to the world and its things are firmly under his rule. That means that they belong to his kingdom irrespective of religion or creed.”

“John 14:30, Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

“Again; 2CO 4:4 says; In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

“Clearly Christ is not the prince of this world, neither is he the god of this world, for he refers to them in the third person. They that belong to this world serve a different god; and they have been deceived into thinking that just because he is called Christ in churches means that it is the same Christ preached by the apostles. Yet in the book of Galatians, Paul warns against receiving a different gospel of Christ.”

“2CO 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

“GA 1:6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel”.

“That gospel is what is now currently being preached in churches all over the world today, deceiving millions of Christians into thinking they are in the Kingdom of God.”

“You have joined yourself to one who is high up in the hierarchy of the world and the kingdom of darkness, thus you have by proxy become a part of his kingdom.”

“2 Corinthians 6:14, 17 says; Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”

“There is an urgent need for you to break off whatever relationship you have with your husband quickly and renounce the works of darkness. But you can only do that after you have come into Christ. It is not enough to say you are born again. That phrase has lost all meaning with this generation. It is now merely a phrase that signifies that at one time or the other you have come out for an altar call or someone has led you to Christ.”

“Yet that is only the beginning of your life in Christ and most people stop short there because they are not taught how to live the life in Christ. All they know is to keep attending Church Services, thinking that they will grow simply by hearing the words preached from a pulpit; but it is all deception. You can only grow as you live the life of Christ.”

“GA 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

“Pastor I am ready to accept Christ as my Saviour,” said Kemi, kneeling down in front of the pastor.

“Hmm, I’m afraid it is not quite as simple as that. You see, the probable reason why you are so eager to come to the true Christ is because of fear. You are afraid of the beings that you have been seeing in your dreams; that they may come after you again and with perhaps intent to harm you. But you can never be sincere when fear is your motivation.”

“The bible says in 2Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

“You are afraid; Mrs Longe and that is understandable; but if you come to Christ based on your fear then you haven’t yet understood what Christianity is about. Christ cannot save except he first becomes Lord of your life. The moment you accept his Lordship, he immediately becomes your saviour; and the moment you begin to live a lifestyle that denies his lordship; you automatically lose his power to save you in every circumstance. Do you understand the factors involved?”

Kemi Longe nodded her head. She understood that for the first time in her life, she was about to be genuinely born again. She also understood that her salvation was only valid as she submitted her entire life to the Lordship of Christ. It was a moment by moment dynamic relationship between her Lord and her.

When Muyiwa dropped her off at the hotel, Kemi felt like a burden had rolled off her chest. She sat on her bed and began to rejoice. Hitherto she had never understood the meaning of the word ‘rejoice’; but as she knelt beside her bed to thank Christ for saving her, she suddenly felt her heart sing in an inexplicable way. She knew it was joy…not happiness; for there was nothing happy about her situation.

She knew that she was under the protection of an all-powerful Being and none could pluck her out of his hand except herself!

Yet instead of praising and singing songs of thanksgiving, a strange language burst forth from her mouth all of a sudden. She didn’t understand it, but she knew that God was confirming something to her. She had been translated out of the kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light!

Pelagon smiled down at her and wondered what she would do if her eyes were suddenly opened like Elisha’s servant and she saw the half dozen heavily armed warrior angels surrounding her bed. He and the others raised their swords heaven ward and joined in her praise of the King of kings!


Chapter 10

The old man walked smartly to the TV and turned it off. He never watched it and had only brought it out for his granddaughters. The things he had seen in his life made TV very archaic in comparison.

At the age of 82, the old man was still as strong as a 40 year old and his back was still as straight as ever.

They had gone out for a stroll along with their step brother and that was good. Grandpa Falana (for that was what everyone called him); went into his bedroom and opened the flap that was under the rug in the centre of the room. He climbed down the stairs into his basement. No one had ever been there before, except himself.

This was where he did all his spiritual travelling and consolidated his power. It was where he met with powerful personages that visited him from time to time from the spirit realm.

No one knew who he really was or where he came from. Some said he had been part of the cursed village where the ghostly multitudes had come for their living kin and none of them had ever been seen again.

The truth was that chief Falana had been the most powerful witch doctor of all the surrounding eight tribes until he stumbled quite by accident on a secret which he had never shared with anyone except his beloved son, the late Dejo Falana.

He had created a binding that had trapped the spirit of a giant of old and through that giant he had gleaned the lost knowledge of the race that existed before the children of Adam were created; a world that had finally been torn apart by war after there had been a knowledge explosion.

The giant claimed that his father the mighty fallen angel Hodanga had taught him the things that he later taught the children of Adam. It was knowledge that perhaps would have been forbidden on earth had it been known. Chief Falana had practiced the secret knowledge for many years till he had perfected every aspect of it, and then had released the giant Azrael from his incarceration in the Portal between Worlds; but not before he had found a way to trap him again.

He had taught his young son Dejo lost arts that no other mortal on earth knew and with those arts his young son had succeeded in trapping the giant Azrael once more in the Portal between Worlds.

Azrael had been terrible in his anger and had sworn to destroy the seed of chief Falana forever. Somehow he had cursed the Falana family which had ended up in the tragedy that had befallen the two sons of chief Falana; but not before Dejo had created the Duality using the forgotten knowledge bequeathed to the giants by their fathers the fallen angels. Yet Azrael was still trapped in the Portal between Worlds and there was only one way he could be released. That was how chief Falana had designed the Binding that he had handed on to his son Dejo Falana; and now; his granddaughters too will be able to tap into that same knowledge that had been in the family for so long.

For it wasn’t knowledge that could be read in a book…it was knowledge that had to be transferred…it was the demon Azrael who had taught him how to transfer memories; and now he would do the same for his grandchildren…that was to be their initiation…the transfer of the memories of Azrael and his father…racial memories of the fallen angels from the moment they arrived on earth.

At first he had practised the transfer of memories by sending a few of his own to his late son Dejo; and then he had taught Dejo how to do the same for his children. It was the reason why some of Yomi’s memories were blocked; his father Dejo had blocked them by himself.

He hadn’t wanted Yomi to know his true heritage because he was a bastard son; so he had tapped into his friend Chief Longe’s memories with his permission of course and implanted a memory of chief Longe as his father.

In return, chief Longe had wanted in on the secret knowledge of the transference of memories. But it was not knowledge that could be learnt, it had to be transferred in the form of memories and chief Falana could not afford that knowledge getting out of the family. It was the knowledge that would keep his family far more powerful than any other warlock on earth; yes, even fallen angels would find him to be a formidable foe.

But when chief Longe had become troublesome, demanding that chief Falana fulfil his own side of the bargain and let him into the secret, chief Falana had had no choice but to oblige him…he implanted memories but deliberately neglected to transfer the safe guards required for human memory to contain and decode angelic memory…and so chief Longe ran mad and ran right into the path of a speeding truck…the rest was history.

Now, chief Falana had assembled his grandson and daughters here to prepare them for the greatest battle in the history of man, giant and fallen angel. The fallen angels wanted to introduce a super race of beings and their agenda was already underway…they were tagging it the evolution of mankind to the next level. Already there was technology they had already released to their mortal minions to create super powers…these had resulted in the creation of mutants.

They had first been introduced on the pages of comic books, but now they were a living reality walking among mortals unknown; awaiting the time of their manifestation to the world.

The demons knew this and had countered their move by possessing their minions and fusing their life energies and spirit bodies with their mortal minions so that whatever they could accomplish in spirit could also be accomplished in the flesh, in parody of the Word becoming flesh spoken of in ancient scriptures.

But both sides had overlooked chief Falana; or at least had underrated him. For the one person who could have exposed him, had been incarcerated in the Portal between Worlds and no one – angel or demon would ever think of looking for him there.

Now chief Falana was almost ready to introduce a third kind of being into the world. He had deceived the fallen angels whom he had befriended into thinking that he could fuse three spirits together but alas only two things could ever be joined together to make one…except for the true Trinity enthroned on high.

He knew he would eventually be destroyed by the wrath of the fallen angels when they realized their mistake in trusting him a mortal too much; but he didn’t care. He had fulfilled his destiny on earth…he had become a god and one that was even greater than the fallen who had come down to earth…what could be greater than that? Now he would elevate his children too and make them gods on earth.

As to his twin daughters Funmi and Funke, he had great plans for the Duality. They veiled a secret that they themselves did not know, for their memories were still locked.

Funmi Fallen was his ultimate weapon against the fallen angels…he chief Falana had implanted that name in their memories a long time ago and at the appropriate time had released it. It was unfortunate that he had under estimated Azrael’s powers even in his state of incarceration or else both his sons would not have died.

When the initiation of the Duality was completed, the two would become one indeed…for instead of one spirit in two bodies…there would be one spirit in one body…Funmi’s body would be transformed into the same flesh that fallen angels had created for themselves when they fell from heaven and mated with mortal women…flesh that parodied the glorified body that was said to be reserved for the followers of the Nazarene.

It would be flesh that could vanish and appear…flesh that was indestructible by any mortal or magical weapon; for it was immortal.

But no one knew that yet…it would be his last play on earth when he brought forth the Trinity…Funke, Funmi and the fallen angel’s body in which the Duality would live…together they were to become…Funmi Fallen!




I am Dominion! Chapters 10 – 14

Chapter 10

Godwin Elochukwu did not stop running till he got to the bus stop, and even then he kept looking around to make sure nothing was following him…he had been sitting at the back of the church when the rolling lights had rolled into the church suddenly.

His first thought was to run out immediately, but something held him fast in his seat…he was temporarily paralyzed, he realized…he couldn’t move a muscle…he could only watch what was going on…

He had seen figures moving about in the rolling lights that stood almost six feet in height…he thought he saw a horse and a rider in it too, surrounded by beings in flowing robes and white hair…but the lights had been too bright and they hurt his eyes…on the other hand he might have just been imagining things…yes…he preferred to go with the imagination theory…it made him feel sane…people imagined things all the time especially when they were stressed.

He had come to church specifically because he was stressed…his work did not give him much room or time for himself…as an investigative journalist, he was constantly covering news items, anywhere where his boss chose to send him…today he might be in Abuja…tomorrow he could very well find himself in Oyo…he didn’t remember the last time he had a holiday…even a brief one…so today he had decided to come to this church on the next street to his…because it was the closest church to him anyway.

He had attended other churches before…larger churches, because he always felt he might get a news story from them…but he always hated the rowdiness of their Praise sessions…they always seemed to think it was impossible to praise God without ‘making some noise!!!’ as though God was deaf! They were too excitable…too emotional!

This church however seemed to be so peaceful…that is, until the rolling lights rolled in…

A bus stopped by him and he got on…he could have walked home, but his legs were still a bit shaky…he doubted they could carry him the ten-minute walk back home.

One thing was for sure though, he was pretty certain that the worship leader had something to do with the rolling lights…he would have to visit the church again and find out the name of this guy.


Kemi attended Service…she was no singer but she enjoyed singing…she enjoyed dancing a lot and she could really dance! She never missed any Praise/Worship session in church because it was an opportunity to ‘dance for God’…or ‘dance unto the Lord’.

But deep down in her heart…somehow she knew the ‘dance unto the lord’ thing, was a thin excuse that worship leaders gave to members of churches to indulge themselves in the dancing skills they would otherwise have used in night clubs and parties…they knew of course that most people who loved to dance were extroverts…they loved to go out…probably to parties…

She knew herself that she simply enjoyed dancing…period! For her it wasn’t really about ‘dancing unto the Lord’…she knew that…it was about dancing to give herself the pleasure of dancing…it was one of her few talents so she enjoyed it, and didn’t see anything wrong with it…what she found something wrong with, was the fact that people couldn’t be honest about it and say truthfully that they just enjoyed dancing…why did they have to lie about this ‘dancing unto the lord’ business?

“Come on people, let’s take back what the devil stole from us!” yelled the worship leader into the microphone, as the band struck up a Makossa beat much to the delight of the congregation.

The church was a fairly large one that Kemi had only recently joined…her parents attended a Baptist church near their house, but since Kemi’s conversation with Dominion a few weeks ago, she had decided to change her lifestyle…” Get closer to God”, Dominion had said…so here she was…Dominion had said he attended Pentecostal Churches…so she would too…that must be where God showed up the most she guessed…

She started dancing, but after a while she slowed down…she had begun to notice what even she would regard as fairly obscene dance steps beside her…she knew they were simply dancing the Makossa steps…but in church? She would have to ask Dominion’s opinion about it…she moved to another part of the auditorium, but the church was filled up…

She went back to her seat and continued dancing for her own pleasure, ignoring the men and women beside her who appeared not to care about how they were dancing…in fact no one else seemed to care…Kemi looked around and saw that everyone was engrossed in dancing…even the choir appeared to be showing off…they were dancing with attitude…she had seen that kind of attitudinal dancing on TV many times before.

The music changed to worship, and everyone lifted up holy hands, including the people who had been dancing rather lewdly beside her a minute ago…Kemi was baffled as she watched them close their eyes and assume an expression of ‘holiness’…there was a way people in this church looked when they wanted to worship apparently…they looked as though they were going to cry the next minute…she hadn’t been used to that in the Baptist Church which she had previously been attending.

How did these people even get to lift ‘holy’ hands one minute after dancing so lewdly…she felt disgusted…she couldn’t understand…but when she saw Dominion in school tomorrow, he would probably laugh and give her a reasonable explanation…maybe she just wasn’t used to the Pentecostal way of doing things yet…maybe Praise and Worship didn’t have to be something you did from the heart…just music you enjoyed…if that was the case, then this would certainly be her choice of church, for the musicians and the worship team were pretty good!

If music in church was just a question of enjoyment and nothing more…she would definitely settle down here…but Dominion would guide her…her mind wandered to her boyfriend…the one that would rather give up the love of a three-year relationship with a girl…than give up the love of his God…now that was some man!

She couldn’t wait to hug him tomorrow…she delighted in hugging him because she saw it gave him some measure of discomfort…but that was just her mischievous side!

The choir finished their special number and the pastor mounted the pulpit to give the message…

“Today, I want to share with you what God has laid in my heart for you”, he began…

“If I may put a title to it, I would probably call it…What is in your hand?”

“That was the question God asked Moses when there seemed to be no way to cross the Red Sea…what is in your hand, I ask you today…”

Kemi’s mind wandered off again…now she was remembering the very first teaching Dominion had given her, after he had finally led her to Christ…

“The first thing you need to know about God is that he is more interested in your heart than your finances…your successes or failures…your everything and anything…so if you forget everything else…remember this one thing…it is the heart that God always looks at to determine what and who you really are…not your prosperity or your successes in life…they don’t mean a thing to him…keep your heart real and pure and honest before him and he will always be happy and pleased with you…”

She had never forgotten that message…it had been three weeks now…


Chapter 11

Mrs. Emmanuel Snr gave her driver her laptop case and picked up a few items on her table. She looked around her office as she stood up to leave…it had been a rather long and tiring week, what with the Entrance Examinations followed by the Parents/Teachers Association Meeting which had not gone too well…she was looking forward to a long restful weekend…though she sensed this was the weekend where she would need to reach out to her sister in law.

The Lord had instructed her to do so as soon as possible…He hadn’t spoken to her about it…the Spirit had simply used her conscience to make her feel responsible for reaching out…then her thoughts had done the rest…reasoning with her as the senior sister in law to reach out to the junior one…after all, she had made peace with her brother in law and he had initiated that move.

It had been almost two weeks since the visit of her brother in law and she had been very busy…there had been the visit of the external auditors to the school…then there had been a talk given by an emissary of the Minister of Education to the students at a special Assembly…and all week long, she had had to deal with ‘troublesome’ parents who didn’t like the fact that their children were being disciplined by their teachers for misbehaving in class…they wanted the teachers concerned to be fired for punishing their children…forcing them to sweep large areas of the school…they felt it had traumatized their kids…but the principal had been very firm in her resolve not to, in the face of threats to ‘withdraw their children from school’.

It had come up at the PTA meeting where several well to do parents had taken the floor in favour of milder forms of discipline such as a simple phone call to parents reporting their children to them and allowing them to rebuke the erring children.

Mrs. Emmanuel Snr had stood her ground firmly and told them that the school had never and would never tolerate indiscipline among either staff or students…the children should learn respect and good conduct…and that had been the end of the matter.

Other not so well to do parents had given their support of the principal’s decision and when they had put it to vote, it was clear that those in favour of the continued discipline of the children were far more than those against…

Mrs. Emmanuel locked the door of her office and noticed her secretary walking towards the school gates…she always waited till the principal had left before leaving…she hadn’t been told to do so…she just did…Mrs. Emmanuel reached into her purse and withdrew a wad of notes…how much was the girl’s salary anyway? She worked 8-5 daily for mere peanuts…the system just wasn’t fair!

She passed the girl on her way out and told the driver to slow down as she wound down the glass…

“Taiwo, here is something for your weekend okay?” she said as she handed her secretary the envelope with the money…she had put in ten thousand naira…the poor girl looked so tired!

“Oh thank you very much ma!” said the girl in surprise as she knelt down to show her appreciation.

As her car sped off into the rush hour traffic, a thought occurred to her…

If the school paid according to Government stipulated wages, it didn’t prevent her from adding to her secretary’s salary on the side…did it?

“No”, she whispered to herself. There and then she decided that she would set aside ten thousand naira every month to help Taiwo make a better life…somehow…she was going to have to withdraw from the Building Committee of the church and use the money she kept investing there to help people whom she saw every day and had simply become blind to helping…she wondered why these thoughts were coming to her now…why hadn’t she thought of them before?

It is better to build people than build buildings…

It was a quiet thought that crept into her mind and it wasn’t the Holy Spirit! She had discovered that if she kept her mind renewed continuously…she would start to think in line with the Holy Spirit…his thoughts would become her thoughts…she would begin to think the way he would…because she was developing the same thought patterns he had…

So there were several other ways he could speak to people…she rather liked that…it would make her avoid getting too familiar with the God of her Salvation…her Maker…she would listen to her renewed thoughts…and her conscience…and the written Word…and the Word she had hidden in her heart…that she might not sin…

Back home, the driver gave her the keys and left, Mrs. Emmanuel Snr placed a call to Pastor Emmanuel…she didn’t have his wife’s number…she needed to call her…his phone was switched off…

She had her bath and settled down to a nice read of a book she had recently bought…The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee…she was a glutton for deep spiritual books…

As long as you don’t read them merely to sate your spiritual appetite…see that you practise what’s in them…

She put down the book and grinned broadly… a chat with the Holy Spirit beat the reading of any book any day!

“Can we chat now sir?” she asked loudly, no one was around to hear her talk to her God.

Yes, my child…what’s on your mind?

“Can you actually use my renewed thoughts to speak to me Lord?”

Rom 12: 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

So you can’t prove My Will for you without a renewed mind…that is, renewed thoughts and affections.

Everything centres around the world…you are either conformed to it…or transformed from it…and all by the renewing of the mind…

“Just by studying the Word?”

No…by obeying it…

James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

For by not obeying it, you conform to the World…and by obeying it, you transform into the Word… my Will for you will gradually unfold when you continuously obey my Word…that is what it means to prove or discover it…

2Cor 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

The glass is the Word…disobeying it will conform you to the image of the world and obeying it will transform you into the image of the Word…both are continuous processes…both require the actions of the mind…for one is used by Lucifer for enslaving the mind…the other is used by My Spirit to free the mind…restore it to what I originally intended it to be…

2TI 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Your mind is a faculty of your spirit…it is the inward man that is being renewed daily, and with it also the mind…

2Cor 4:16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

Eph 4:23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

Mrs. Emmanuel felt like her mind was exploding with the revelation she was getting…her mind was connected to her spirit! It was not possible to renew the mind without also renewing the inward man, her spirit!

The act of renewing was done by the Holy Spirit as obedience was carried out…not by studying the bible!

Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

The opposite of perishing as in 2Cor 4:16 was renewing…it meant that perishing was a weakening…and renewing was a strengthening! There is a spiritual strength received in the continuous process of obedience…that strength, the Word called renewing!

Eph 3:16 That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;

Col 1:10-11 That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; 

Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness; 

Obedience is the act of walking worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing…then you will be strengthened with might in your inner man…to do deeper works of obedience…then your inward man will be renewed unto deeper purity…

“Thank you my Lord…I will not call Pastor Emmanuel to talk to his wife…I will go there now Lord!”


Chapter 12

The whirlwind sucked them in through the Sacred Drum into a world of darkness…terrible cries rent the atmosphere, as they found themselves in a clearing surrounded by rocks from which molten lava constantly poured…chained to those rocks were beings that cried out as they were continually bathed in the molten lava that gushed out of the rocks.

They looked human…yet there was something misshapen about them…their torsos were shorter than they should have been, and their legs were rather too long…Faleke looked at them for a long time and suddenly knew who they were…they were drug addicts currently going through hallucinations…they had been brought here to live out their hallucinations…they had a distorted view of themselves, hence the way they now looked…

Faleke and the others had found themselves lying prostrate before some huge beings who laughed and jeered at them as soon as they had appeared…One of them lashed out with a long whip.

Ayorinde screamed in pain as the whip curled around him and cut his soul…

“I want this one!” declared the wielder of the whip, pointing at Ayorinde.

Others soon followed his cue and began lashing the beings of their choice…Faleke watched helplessly as his hands were tied by the demons that had inhabited his body for so long…they dragged him to one who sat on what looked like a throne carved out of stone…he was huge…as they approached him, he unfurled blackened wings that looked as though they were made of scales and leather…

He stood up to his full height and raised his hand…everyone paid him attention…Faleke knew who he was now…even though all of them remained faceless…he knew, because suddenly there was an enlightenment that flooded his mind…he did not need to see their faces to recognize them…he knew who each one of them was!

The one standing was Lucifer himself! As the knowledge flooded his mind he found himself hurled away by one of Lucifer’s wings…he crashed into a rock wall and winced in pain.

“This is the one who you will inhabit Baal, and you will be my eyes on earth”, he said, turning in the direction of the faceless demon who stood closest to him.

“All the others must be inhabited by a Principality each, so see to it Baal…and this time, my plan must not fail!” Lucifer roared like a wounded lion.

Baal bowed slightly as Lucifer faded from sight…him and his throne…Baal stared stonily at Faleke…he was known by many names on earth…he knew that Faleke knew him as Obatala…but it didn’t matter…these mortals were such morons! Did they think that spirit beings attached importance to names like they did?

He lifted Faleke up by his throat and stared deeply into his eyes…several other faceless demons followed his lead and held up one each of the seven mortals in their midst by their throats…

Faleke saw himself staring into a huge sea of nothingness…till eventually a whirlwind began to form in the midst of the sea of nothingness, and picked him up…


They all found themselves lying around the Sacred Drum when they returned to their bodies…only this time, they were not scared…they spoke to each other in deep guttural voices…

“We are here,” chuckled Baal from out of Faleke’s mouth, as he sat up and viewed the room…he stretched forth his hand and a statue of Obatala floated from a shelf into his hand…he turned it around in his hand apparently fascinated by the craft work.

The Seven stood up chuckling and slapping each other on the back, they wandered through the rooms looking at the shrines in each room…there was a strange faint light that surrounded their bodies…it shone faintly in the house darkened by the black window blinds…

“I suppose we had better let them return to their homes…submerge and let them come to the surface,” commanded Baal.

A few minutes later, Ayorinde and the others walked out of the house…Faleke rubbed his chin thoughtfully…the last few minutes were a blank…he couldn’t remember anything that had happened…the last thing he remembered was falling into the Sacred Drum…and feeling excruciating pain…he still remembered the pain…though he didn’t feel it anymore…

Absentmindedly he rubbed his head, still confused…he knew that he had been possessed…but he didn’t know which deity had possessed him. He went out of the house by the back…a door that none knew existed…it led to the next street where he usually parked his car in front of a shopping mall.

As he opened the door of his car, his eye caught his reflection in the glass…he stared in disbelief…his hair had grown white around the edges! He began to feel dizzy…things were happening around him too fast…all of a sudden his life had been ripped away from him…he no longer had control over his own life!

Something chuckled inside him…it sounded cold…he felt cold inside…as he sat behind the driver’s seat, he thought of his wife and two kids he was about to go home to…he didn’t feel anything for them…the realization shocked him! He didn’t feel any affection for them any longer…he wondered why he had to go back to them in the first place…the chuckle came again…this time a little louder…

This is my home now mortal…Mine!

Dominion put his ear against the door to his mother’s bedroom…she was obviously having one of those rare chats with the Holy Spirit…he could hear her giggling and whispering…she was having a good time!

It had been ages since he had had a chat with the Holy Spirit…every time he tried he had been met with a stony wall of silence…even in his studies, he had been on his own…but then the Holy Spirit had coached him to the point where he didn’t really need his help anymore….

That was the point! A thought suddenly struck him…that was why he hadn’t been taught any more by the Spirit…he had come to the point where he thought he was OK to carry on his studies by himself…

He had unconsciously allowed his Self to come to the fore and take over his studies from the Spirit…he had to remember at all times that Self would automatically take over any sphere of his life from the Spirit where he stopped depending on the Spirit…there was no void!

He whispered a heartfelt prayer to the Holy Spirit, asking for his forgiveness and asking Him once again to take and steer the reins of his heart and mind…

As he opened his books later that night, he saw the familiar patterns begin to unfold and unveil themselves once again…he smiled broadly…the Spirit was back!


Chapter 13

Godwin Elochukwu had recovered from the shock of seeing supernatural lights enter a church building, and had come to the conclusion that it was worth a story pursuing. He had duly informed his boss who immediately berated him for not taking pictures first before running away.

So now his main assignment was to pursue the worship leader who had somehow manufactured the lights and find out how he did it…he had wracked his brain for a way to do this…but other than follow the worship leader around on Sundays, he really didn’t know how to find out.

Perhaps he should just try the direct approach and interview him, after all, many people would kill for an opportunity to be interviewed by a popular entertainment magazine…

He had attended that church faithfully for the past four weeks in hopes of seeing him…even their midweek services, till they thought he was a new member and had started reaching out to him.

He had happily played the role of a new member, but when he had started asking questions about the guy that had brought in the supernatural lights some weeks back, everyone had left him alone.

Finally, just last week Sunday, he had showed up at the church, but nothing had happened…no lights…he didn’t even lead worship…but at least it had given Godwin the chance to follow him home…see where he lived.

“Why are you following me?” Dominion turned around suddenly to confront his stalker.

Godwin was caught unawares and there was nowhere to hide…they had reached the street where Dominion lived and there was no cover anywhere.

Godwin moved towards Dominion to try to explain himself…he hoped fervently that he would get some reasonable answer and a photograph that would make his boss release him from this boring assignment.

“My name is Godwin Elochukwu, and I am an investigative reporter for the Joints ‘n’ Clubs Magazine…you must have heard of it” he asked confidently…there couldn’t possibly be anyone who hadn’t heard of the Magazine before.

“No, I haven’t heard of it. So what can I do for you” asked Dominion, mildly curious.

“I was in church the day the lights rolled in. You led praise and worship that day. Could you possibly explain your role in ushering in the lights into the church?”

Dominion noticed that he was bringing out some kind of recorder from his bag as he spoke, as well as a camera.

“First of all, I didn’t play any role in bringing lights into church…that would be God. Secondly I don’t do interviews, nor will I appreciate my photograph being taken.”

“Has the occurrence of lights rolling into church like waves ever happened before that day, I mean have you ever led worship on previous occasions where lights rolled in?”

“Mr. Godwin, I don’t do interviews, sorry…have a good day.”

Dominion turned on his heel and walked on past his home…he didn’t want this pesky journalist knowing where he lived and coming to pester him with questions.

Godwin watched him go, considering the possibility of following him and seeing where he lived…but he knew nothing would come out of it…his best bet was to stay with the church till the lights rolled in again, and this time he would be there to take photographs…


Finally, Mrs. Emmanuel Snr and Jnr had met and reconciled…in fact they had so enjoyed each other’s company on that first day that they had become prayer partners. Every Saturday morning Mrs. Emmanuel Snr would drive down to her sister in law’s house and they would pray together for a couple of hours before having light breakfast and a chat.

It was on one of those Saturday mornings that Mrs Emmanuel Jnr had suddenly uttered a loud cry and stiffened, falling to her knees.

“What is wrong?” cried Mrs Emmanuel Snr, rushing around a sofa to kneel beside her sister in law and keep her from falling. They were the only ones in the house as her brother in law had gone to visit a couple that had marital issues.

She is in a trance! Leave her alone on the ground.

Mrs Emmanuel Snr breathed a sigh of relief…it was the Holy Spirit’s doing.

“Yes Lord”, she responded quietly, laying her sister in law gently on the carpet. She watched her for a while, quite shaken by the incident…

Keep praying!

She stood to her feet and began praying in tongues rapidly as she paced around the small living room…there was a knock on the door…she stopped and held her chest fearfully…they weren’t expecting anyone.

“Who is there?” she asked rather fearfully.

For God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind. Why are you afraid child?

She walked to the door and opened it…it was Dominion!

“The Holy Spirit asked me to come here mother,” he said in response to her mother’s surprised look.

Mrs Emmanuel Jnr began to stir on the ground and Dominion ran to her, quite surprised to find her on the ground. He put his arm around her to help her into a sitting position while his mother squatted beside them.

“The Seven are here!” she said, not quite fully conscious.

“What Seven?” asked her sister in law.

Mrs Emmanuel Jnr finally opened her eyes and requested for water which her sister in law went to get.

“I saw you too my brave nephew,” she said, smiling weakly at Dominion.

A few minutes later Mrs Emmanuel Jnr was seated on the sofa with her in laws sitting on either side of her.

“I think I must have fallen into a trance or had a vision or something…I suddenly saw these huge faceless beings with drawn swords as long as tree trunks. There were seven of them and they were about to enter a church…the frontage of the church seemed familiar to me…it looked like the hall we use for our Sunday Services, but I couldn’t be sure…but just before they entered the church, their leader suddenly looked back at me and I saw the face of Faleke!”

“Who is Faleke?” asked her sister in law, leaning forward on the edge of her seat.

“Many years ago, he and my husband were classmates and best friends, that is, before my husband was led to Christ. Faleke was an occultist then and my husband was very fascinated with the tricks he used to perform such as lifting a heavy table with his teeth or burning himself with fire, yet without feeling pain or showing any burn marks…it was my husband who later told me all of this because then I hadn’t met Faleke.”

My husband asked him to teach him some of those tricks, but Faleke refused until one day he confronted my husband and told him if he really wanted to learn he would have to join the cult to which he Faleke belonged.”

“My husband was scared to join any cult and declined. That was when their friendship began to go sour…my husband began to avoid Faleke as much as possible, until one day, Faleke came to him to apologize for inviting him to join a cult and that he would not bother him about it again if only their friendship could return back to the way it was.”

“My husband gladly agreed and they became best friends again, not knowing that Faleke had ulterior motives…eventually my husband was led to Christ, but Faleke didn’t know that…so he approached my husband one day with some apples, one of which he himself was eating and offered him one of them.”

“My husband accepted it gladly, for he was hungry and ate it immediately. Faleke seemed very delighted and began jumping up and down with great joy. When my husband asked him why he seemed so happy, he replied and said, ‘I’ll see you at the meeting tonight’.”

“When my husband inquired about what meeting…Faleke responded and said he had eaten an occult apple and had had his spiritual eyes opened…that a spirit would transport him in his sleep to the meeting that night for his initiation.”

“My husband was extremely angry and fearful at the same time and went to their fellowship pastor on campus and told him what had happened. He gathered together the intercessory team and other pastors, and they prayed for my husband, who eventually vomited the apple whole.”

“To cut a long story short, that was how my husband escaped the clutches of Faleke and needless to say, their friendship was forever broken. My husband showed me several pictures of them together on campus and outside…they had really been close…that was how I recognized him when that faceless Being suddenly turned towards me and a face seemed to emerge from his head…it was Faleke’s face.”

“That’s why I’m here, to join my faith and prayers with yours to avert this evil,” said Dominion, nodding his head with new understanding.

“The Holy Spirit didn’t give me any details, he just impressed on me a sense of urgency to get here as fast as I could…I actually thought my mother was in some kind of trouble so I just chartered the first taxi I saw and came as quickly as I could.”

“So who are these Seven Beings…did the lord show you?” asked Mrs Emmanuel Snr.

“Yes…they are Seven Principalities sent to corrupt Mankind…they have taken possession of seven prominent men in society…their mission is to have intercourse with female students on campus who will bear children in their image…that is, children who will inherit their demonic abilities and wreak havoc on humanity…and more are to follow…the Seven are merely the Vanguard.”

“So we are to pray to avert this?” asked Dominion.

“No…we are to fast for a week…then we begin to pray with all manner of prayer. There are certain preparations we need to do during the week of fasting which the Lord will reveal to us.”

Mrs Emmanuel Jnr turned to her nephew…

“You have a fiancé or girlfriend?”

“Yes Aunty…how did you even know that?” asked Dominion in surprise.

“Because in one scene, I saw you violently protecting her from danger…that’s why I called you brave earlier on.”

“Is she in any danger?”

“Not right now, but soon she will be”

“Can I prevent it?”

“No my son…no one can prevent it…except herself,” Mrs Emmanuel Jnr replied sadly.



Chapter 14

“The musicians were really good, but they seemed to play the same kind of music we listen to in school you know” said Ke

mi, settling herself down beside Dominion in their favourite cafeteria.

“And what kind of music would that be?” asked Dominion as Kemi stuffed some meat pie into his mouth.

“Well, that day it was Makossa all the way. Isn’t that supposed to be night club music?”

“Yes it is. It was created for the sole purpose of entertainment…but it also has sexual undertones, everyone knows this. The Makossa dance speaks for itself.”

“But what if the lyrics were changed to Christian lyrics like they did in church, doesn’t that change everything?”

“I don’t think so. It certainly won’t change the fact that the music is still Makossa, you see the lyrics are like the coat of paint on a building. You can change the paint from blue to green or yellow if you like, but it still doesn’t change the structure of the building…it is still a three-bedroom bungalow or whatever it was before the coat of paint was changed.”

“Hmmm then I guess that means it is still worldly music regardless of the Christian lyrics then,” said Kemi, she pursed her lips as she meditated on the new ideas Dominion had just shared with her.

“So why doesn’t the pastor stop them from singing worldly music…music taken from the world to use for sacred things?”

“I don’t know…maybe they don’t know any better…” replied Dominion.

“Or maybe they are afraid they might drive the youth away?” muttered Kemi, more to herself.

“Why are you so interested in all this anyway?” asked Dominion.

“Because I’m trying to decide whether to stay with that church or not.”

“You can’t leave a church just because they play Makossa music, you may find other churches playing worse music you know.”

“No, but I can leave if I really want a church where they truly dance unto the Lord…I don’t see how that is possible with music that belongs to the world…music that was created for Man’s pleasure…not for God’s.”

“Hmmm…I see what you mean Kemi,” said Dominion, looking at her curiously…he was beginning to wonder if she too had begun to ‘hear’ from the Lord…but he had other pressing matters on hand.

He wondered how to approach the subject of her safety without revealing his aunt’s concerns about her from the trance she had had.

“Something big is happening on campus, but then you don’t live here so it might not interest you,” she flicked a crumb of meat pie from off his chin.

“There is a dancing competition being organised by some top companies and organisations, and the prize money is pretty huge…each of the twenty contestants will walk away with one mil, win or lose! I have registered for it…I could use that kind of money; dad’s Law Practice isn’t doing so well anymore.”

Dominion’s blood ran cold…

“And when does this competition start?” he asked, his throat suddenly ran dry.

“We had the first audition last night…the VC was the guest of honour can you imagine?”

Dominion felt dizzy…he had to get out of there fast!

“Are you OK”

“Yes…I just feel a little dizzy…”

He would have to find a way to warn her…he wasn’t allowed to tell her about the trance…

You should be present tonight at the next audition…find somewhere to sleep on campus and call your mother…you won’t be going home tonight!

“You know what? Maybe I should come and watch you tonight…”

Kemi squealed in delight and threw her arms around Dominion, oblivious of the other people in the cafeteria…

Dominion stood up shakily…his girlfriend was so innocent and sweet…he just wanted to be there to protect her. He put an arm round her shoulder and tweaked her cheek with the other hand. She giggled happily as she skipped along beside him…she was still such a baby…he thought to himself…he had to get her out of that competition somehow…that was the way the Seven planned to gain an inroad into the female students on campus…they were going to use the dancers in the competition as their breeding ground…and his girlfriend was one of them!

As they walked off together, Deacon Ayorinde ordered his driver to drive off…he had seen enough…he had been at the audition as one of the judges and had selected Kemi…it was his responsibility to follow up on her…otherwise his ‘master’ would get pretty angry with him…and when he did, he made him suffer excruciating pain in his stomach…sometimes he went through symptoms of what looked like a heart attack.

His ‘master’ had personally chosen Kemi…then he had submerged to allow Ayorinde perform his duties as one of the judges…tonight then, he would be allowed to speak to the contestants…except that he had a suspicion his ‘master’ would resurface to do the talking…that would be the cue for the refreshments to be served, as prepared by Faleke…it was important that Kemi partook of the refreshments, his ‘master’ had warned.

As he passed the couple, he took a good look at Kemi…he guessed it was her innocence that had attracted his ‘master’…they always were attracted by innocence…it was virgin territory for corruption.

Ayorinde was sure the other Six had also instructed their ‘slaves’ (as they called their mortal hosts), in the same way…they were all to partake out of the ‘light refreshments’ provided back stage after the auditions were over…later tonight…their lives would change…forever!

Dominion put a call through to his mother to inform her of the new developments…

“Then it is time my son…I commend you into His safe hands…the Lord be with you both my son!”


In another part of the city, Mrs Emmanuel Jnr lay on her face groaning…she didn’t hear her husband come in to the living room. He tried not to disturb her as he found his way quietly to the bedroom…of late his wife had been interceding deeply and sometimes would wake up in the middle of the night to pray for hours…he wondered why he continued to call himself a pastor when he could not even pray half as much as she did…

His wife’s lifestyle and the occasional bible study they shared together had completely changed his orientation towards the Scriptures…he no longer looked for messages to preach…topics to preach…themes to preach on…he simply preached the Scriptures, particularly the New Testament of which Dispensation was already fast winding up.

He was concerned with his heart…his intentions…his conscience…he had come to realize that if he could only keep them Godward…they would control his thoughts and thought patterns…he always asked himself what his intentions were several times a day and was surprised at the numerous things he uncovered as he searched himself to see if he was still in the faith.

Once he had discovered he had the desire to please men…the desire to impress with his preaching had come to the fore several times…he also discovered that the more he searched himself for wrong intentions, the easier it became to spot them…and his conscience…ah…That was the troublesome one!

Usually it condemned him after he had done something wrong…but ever since he had begun searching his heart on a regular basis, it had begun to warn him before he did something wrong! It had actually brought thoughts of impending acts or words he intended to say…or expressions he intended to make negatively, before they had happened…so that when they were actually happening, he experienced some kind of déjà vu …it had then become easy for him to prevent himself from doing those things…his wife had redefined it as premonition…so now he knew that the conscience could forewarn him just as easily as it could berate him!

He dropped his briefcase in the bedroom and went out to join his wife in prayer…he had an idea what she was praying for…he wanted to be a part of it…

Two shall put ten thousand to flight!

It was a familiar scripture verse that came to mind…except that it seemed to be more than a thought…like as though his mind actually uttered it…it certainly felt like a voice speaking within him…the thought kind of boosted his desire and willingness to participate in his wife’s intercession…he exploded into tongues…


Chapter 5

Ibaje city was the name given to a group of mega estates that sprawled over 150 acres of land. It was designed to be a billionaires’ haven hence the name Ibaje meaning ‘Pampered’.

8 billionaire business moguls presided over it and ensured that nothing was lacking in international standards. No one knew who they were, except the Eight themselves.

It was designed to be a city of sin and pleasure and every form of pleasure was legal in the city. In fact pleasure was the way Ibaje amassed its wealth, for billionaires from all over the world flocked there to obtain what they couldn’t ordinarily get legally. The police that maintained law and order were all in the pockets of the Eight that called themselves the High Lords of Ibaje.

There was a rumour that even the president and some members of his cabinet were occasional visitors in Ibaje. They said he and several other top politicians owned homes there, where they could safely indulge their darker passions.

Of course not everyone who lived in the city were billionaires; the majority were middle and lower class members of society, brought in and vouched for by the city’s aristocracy for some reason as spelt out in their mysterious code of conduct.

But whether middle or lower class; they were permitted to live there because one way or the other they served the interests and passions of Ibaje’s aristocracy.

Kemi Longe’s mysterious benefactor who supposedly had been her late mother’s friend was the one who had gotten her a job at StoryBoard TV through her daughter, after Kemi had been trained for a few years.

Kemi liked to think of her as her godmother. Kemi had once been taken to a house in Ibaje where her godmother had then left her, with instructions to do whatever the elderly man inside wanted her to do and afterwards, everything that she Kemi ever wanted would be at her fingertips.

Kemi was only a young girl of fifteen then, but was ready to grab any opportunity that was offered to her if only to escape from the life of poverty and suffering she had been used to in the village.

The elderly man had done many unspeakable things to her the whole day long, sating his passions on her in many ways. At the end of the day, her godmother had returned for her but not before they had visited the shrine behind the old man’s house and she had sworn an oath that she would never reveal what the old man did to her.

After the oath had been sworn, Kemi discovered she could only remember pleasant things about the old man. Her godmother continued to reinforce the thoughts that had been planted in her mind by the babalawo (native witchdoctor) who had administered the oath along with several concoctions Kemi had had to drink and rub on her body.

But that was not the end of her ordeal, for her godmother also had darker passions which Kemi had to sate regularly much to her distaste. The saving grace was that Kemi was never quite able to remember what she had been doing with her godmother once they finished. It was always there just at the tip of her memory, but she could never remember. She only knew in her heart that they were very wrong things.

Her godmother had sat her down one day and told her that the good things of life did not come free and she always had a choice to return back to the village or continue here.

It was after that chat that her godmother had taken her to a bank and opened an account for her to the tune of half a million naira. That was when Kemi had decided that whatever was being done to her was worth it. Since then, she had gotten along well with her godmother and the old man. One thing she did remember though, was that her godmother’s daughter never liked her from the day she brought her home, but that was okay…because she never saw her again.

Now she worked for her godmother at StoryBoard TV, but nobody knew about their relationship, not even her husband. She had cut a covenant with her godmother and the elderly man; and they had promised her great things. They told her she was being prepared to wield great power such as the world had never seen before.



“The choice is not ours to make, Kemi Longe as well as her husband both have roles to play,” said a broad powerful man sitting on high chair in the centre of the room.

The room was shrouded in darkness and arranged in a semi-circle around the high chair were several sofas upon which people reclined. All wore masks. The room appeared to be underground, for there were no windows. Powerful ACs chilled the room and its occupants.

“And Dejo Falana’s children…what would be their legacy?”

“Better the ones we know and can find, than the ones we do not know” replied the broad and powerful man.

“We must fill the chair of the Eighth before the next full moon, otherwise the circle of power may never be complete again,” said another High Lord.

“We are here to choose someone else to take the Falana seat in this Order. Who can be more legitimate than the direct descendants of Dejo Falana?”

“If we do not find them before the first night of the full moon we are doomed to failure from the start. I say we install the candidate we can find, after all, the choice is ours not the Earth Mothers,” said another High Lord.

A female voice rose above the other voices.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves! Have you forgotten who you are?” she said, rising to her feet.

“Clearly, we cannot bring back Dejo Falana’s children because of a certainty they have gone to seek their grandfather. They will find him and when they do, he will empower them to take revenge on the Eight for the death of his other son – Tunji Falana whom you all bewitched to go and kill his older brother. You think the old recluse does not know that?” The lady sat down and everyone fell quiet for a time.

“I suppose you are right,” the 1st High Lord said, sighing wearily.

“And what of the bastard son of Tunji Falana?” asked another.

“He is a bastard, he is not a true heir” said someone else.

“He is the only one we can get ready in time to complete the circle of power,”

“There is another. As you well know, Dejo Falana did not have any children by his wife before she died. He however had several children outside of marriage. The ones you know are the twin sisters – Funmi and Funke. But there is another one…a man who now goes by the name of Yomi Ajala,” the 1st High Lord said.

“Why were we not told of him before now?”

“Because Dejo made me swear an oath that I would only reveal it to the Council of the Eight when it finally became necessary,” responded the 1st High Lord.

“Then it seems to me that he wanted his choice to be clear in the event of his death. Dejo has chosen Yomi to be his replacement among the Eight.”

“Is this a trick? I don’t believe the 1st High Lord,” said another. Three other High Lords stood up to support the 7th High Lord as he spoke.

“We should vote. Olumide Falana should be the chosen one. We know where he is and we have already begun his grooming,” continued the 7th High Lord.

“I agree with the 7th High Lord. Olumide Falana should be the rightful candidate,” said the only lady among them, standing up to join the supporters of the 7th High Lord.

“Very well, we will adjourn this meeting till tomorrow night, and then we will vote,” said the 1st High Lord, bowing slightly.

Everyone knew the battle line had been drawn. There would be some casualties before the meeting tomorrow.

Semi clad young girls brought in food and drinks afterwards as was the custom, but only the supporters of the 1st High Lord remained behind.

“We must act quickly or all will be lost,” said the 1st High Lord when they were alone.

“The President called last night and asked when he should bring his son over,” said another High Lord.

“I know. He wants to know when to bring his son over for the grooming,” replied the 1st High Lord.

“Too much is at stake for us to waver now. If we install the President’s son as the last member of the Eight, then we shall have the entire nation in the palm of our hands, why can’t they see that?” said a third person.

“Oh they can. They’re just afraid of the consequences from the Earth Mothers,” said the 3rd High Lord, chuckling.

“No one has heard from the Earth Mothers in almost two decades,” scoffed another High Lord.

No one saw the lady leave the room. The meeting was over and they were free to leave whenever they wanted. She had chosen her moment while the 1st High Lord was engaged with the other High Lords who had waited behind.

Ms Delano stepped out of the elevator that brought her to the ground floor and into the private library of the country home reserved for their meetings. It was a small cottage on the surface, but underground was a complex maze of over 50 rooms used for different purposes.

She waited a few minutes for the driver to bring the car to the front and then went out through the back door. She knew now that there was going to be a power tussle. Someone had to replace the late Dejo Falana and his late younger brother – Tunji Falana. The logical choice was the only surviving heir of the Falanas – Tunji’s bastard son – Olumide, the twin sisters could not replace their father because there were two of them; who would they choose?

Then there was this new comer – Yomi Falana whom they hadn’t known about before. She knew that the other camp of High Lords had their own candidate. There was pressure on the 1st High Lord and a few others to bring in the president’s son as a candidate. They knew that the President himself was a formidable warlock and it would not do to have him as an enemy…nonetheless, if she allowed it to happen then all would be lost. The Earth Mothers had anointed Olumide Falana, but no one knew for what purpose.

The Earth Mothers seldom interfered in their affairs as long as the Eight upheld their part of the Covenant binding on them all.

So it would really be up to them whoever they wanted to install as candidate…yet no one wanted to go against the will of the Earth Mothers. Caution dictated that they wait patiently for the Earth Mothers to reveal their plans through Olumide Falana; and yet time was not on their side. For at the next full moon in a few days, the new candidate must be installed or the Eight would become the Seven and the Covenant would be broken.

At the full moon when the Eight would once again be complete, the Dark Kingdom on Earth would be inaugurated formally. The Eight would then be assigned their Offices and hereafter the nation would be ruled from the Kingdom of Darkness; taking the power entirely out of the hands of politicians.

Ms Delano had only one candidate in mind; her goddaughter Kemi Longe; but things were a bit complicated for she was married to Olumide Longe who was about to be revealed as Olumide Falana. Yet there had indeed been a Chief Longe among the Eight…one who was purportedly the father of Olumide Falana. He had died several years ago.

She smiled mirthlessly at the irony of the whole situation…no wonder the Kingdom of Darkness was also called the Kingdom of Chaos. It was in chaos that they thrived; confusion strengthened their wits as they pitted their strengths against each other. There was no love lost among them, for each one sought to betray the other in order to advance the interests of self.

She was the only female among the Eight and she desperately needed another voice besides her own to give her weight at the Meetings. She pondered the situation not willing to arrive at the only solution she had.

Her grandmother was still alive and well. She claimed she could never die before the age of 120 years and she was proving it at the age of 105 years. She had been the one who had handed over to her after the death of her mother. Ms Delano had never married…she despised the idea of being subordinate to some man.

She had several ‘associates’ with whom she had had affairs but had been very careful not to have any children of her own. Her grandmother had told her that that was the key to having great spiritual power and she had found it to be so.

Regretfully she and her grandmother had fallen out when she had accused her of being behind her mother’s death. Her mother had died a mysterious death soon after a quarrel with her grandmother.

Ms Delano knew that her grandmother possessed great power and knew deep secrets that perhaps were not available to the Eight, but she was reluctant to approach her, for she hadn’t gone to visit her in years.

Now she knew that she no longer had an option. She had to swallow her pride and go grovelling before her grandmother. She might be able to discern the intentions of the Earth Mothers and give her guidance. She was the oldest relative of any of the Eight. That must count for something…especially since she was her grandmother. She probably had access to knowledge about the Earth Mothers that had been lost to the Eight.

Ms Delano began to plan how she would approach and pacify her grandmother. She could almost kick herself for not realizing much sooner, the potential wealth of knowledge that had been at her fingertips all this while.


Olu Longe watched his wife drive off to work thoughtfully. It had been a disastrous weekend for her. The dream she thought she had, seemed to have caused her to withdraw. All his attempts to draw her out of her shell had failed.

He did not understand what the Earth Mothers wanted with his wife. He had thought he was the one they wanted, but apparently they wanted both of them for their own purposes. They were mere puppets.

He had a sudden thought and went back inside, opened the door of his bedroom and lay down on the bed. Somehow he knew instinctively that someone would come to him presently…he closed his eyes and waited passively, for he did not know if he would hear a voice or see someone. All he knew was that he would have a visitation.

You have done well. You passed your initiation in flying colours. There are still a few things left before you become who you were really meant to be.

Who am I meant to be? asked Olu in his mind before he could stop himself.

You are meant to be a powerful warlock like your late uncle Dejo Falana.

For what purpose? He asked; perplexed that he was able to converse mentally with this being that seemed to be in his own mind. It was using his own thoughts to speak to him, but the ‘voice’ of the thoughts did not come from his reasoning faculty…they came unbidden, without the exercise of thought. The thoughts overpowered and suppressed his own every time ‘It’ replied, so that his mind felt paralyzed while he listened passively…and then his thoughts were released to him again so he could respond if.

You will not take your place among the Eight, for a new Order is beginning.

Who are the Eight? Olu asked again, but this time his thoughts were not seized as before…the ‘speaker’ had left his mind.



Chapter 6

They stood within a dome shaped room that had no windows. Their grandfather had explained that it was the room where he transported himself to the Portal between worlds.

“This is the way into the Portal of which I spoke to you about, in which is imprisoned Azrael the fallen angel. But he lied, for he is not a fallen angel. The Earth Mothers say he is the son of a fallen angel and took the name of his father Azrael. He was the offspring of a mortal woman and a fallen angel,” said the old man as they stood within the dome.

“A giant of those days?” asked Funke.

“Yes, a giant. They were destroyed in the Great Flood in the days of Noah.”

“How does this room work grandpa?” Funmi had asked.

“It is a room not made with physical hands. I put Azrael to work in his incarceration and he created it for me out of his own spiritual energies, and then I materialized it. Anyone who walks in here will become disoriented as you did, until I pronounce the words of power that will cause an alignment of spirit, soul and body in readiness to enter the Portal,” their grandfather had replied.

There were sleeping mats arranged around the room in a circle and as they lay on the mats, Funke felt the distinct feeling of her body floating upwards towards the ceiling. She cringed a little as she touched the ceiling and phased through it.

A tinge of panic raced through her as she looked downwards and suddenly realized that she had left her body behind. The transporting room was truly a product of both worlds; the spiritual and the physical.

Everything seemed to fluctuate between Realities; like ice slowly melting into water. Funmi found herself in a long dark tunnel that seemed to drip with liquid that never touched the floor. The liquid dropped in slow motion and then hung in mid-air, only that there was no air. She was not breathing! She did not feel herself drawing in air through her nostrils though she concentrated hard on trying to.

She passed through the suspended drops of liquid like a curtain made of strings and came out on the other side about the same time as her sister and grandfather. Each of them had passed through a different tunnel to arrive at the same destination.

They were in a barren glade and right in front of them was a huge door. Instinctively, the sisters knew it was the entrance to the Portal. This was where their grandfather had told them they would meet face to face with Azrael¬, for which he had prepared them for weeks.

The door was sealed with several gigantic bolts. The silence was deafening as the sisters waited for their grandfather to complete the ceremony of the opening of the first seal.

The old man raised his left hand and carved a symbol in the atmosphere, pronouncing along with it, words of power.

The huge bolt shook as it began to slide back to release the door. There was thick darkness on the other side as the door slowly opened.

Horrendous and fiendish laughter greeted them and the sisters stepped back hastily as Azrael appeared and drew himself up to his full height. He stared down at the trio and laughed again.

Welcome, children of Dejo Falana. You have come for your father’s legacy. Have you not? Azrael laughed again.

Your father’s inheritance is an inheritance of power. Are you able to pay the price?

“I will initiate them myself, and only then will you be set free Azrae;l open the Portal,” responded the old man as he strode forward. He was quickly followed by his twin granddaughters.

Before them stretched a long hall that suddenly began to distort in shape until just ahead of them, a rent in the atmosphere appeared, ringed with fire. As they walked into the rent, they could still hear Azrael laughing.


“So when did you start having these dreams?” the psychiatrist asked.

“About three weeks ago, and it is always that same dream where I see myself holding a knife and sacrificing someone in front of a huge crowd of people. But each time I dream, the sacrificial victim is a different person” Kemi responded.

“Kemi, have you sought spiritual help from your pastor, because I really don’t think this a mental problem. The whole consistent ritualistic scene smacks of something deeper and more sinister,” the psychiatrist said, looking worriedly at her friend and former school mate.

“My pastor has prayed for me several times and he keeps assuring me that all will be well, and I should try to get as much rest as possible,” replied Kemi. She doubted her pastor’s ability to help her; he was more of a prosperity teacher than a deliverance minister.

“Hmm…then can we go together to see my pastor?” the psychiatrist asked.

“We could; I have a few days off starting on Thursday,” said Kemi looking hopeful.

“Good, then I will go ahead and schedule an appointment for you for later this week,”

“Yes, please do that,” said Kemi, rising to her feet.

As she stepped out of the psychiatrist’s office, she reflected on what she had just done. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would have to visit a psychiatrist.

She had told her husband that she couldn’t stay in their matrimonial home alone anymore, so whenever he went on his trips, she stayed in a hotel. This was one of those times that she stayed in a hotel, and yet the dreams just wouldn’t leave her alone.

Her brother Yomi had called her several times requesting for a job interview with her husband, but this just wasn’t a good time for her, so she had deferred it till later much to Yomi’s disappointment.

Back at the hotel, Kemi turned on the TV to see how her colleagues were doing on their shifts. It was a regular habit of hers whenever she was off duty. She was top level management staff now, thanks to her godmother; but her love for news reporting still made her continue her shifts in addition to her administrative work.

Perhaps all of this was just sheer exhaustion…she really didn’t know how to rest, even in bed. There were always things to think about. She was exhausted…that was all there was to it.

Yes you are exhausted and you need to rest.

Kemi switched off the TV and stretched out on the bed, determined to get some sleep even though it was barely noon.

Sleep is all you need.

“Yes, sleep is all I need,” repeated Kemi wearily, trying to stifle a yawn.

When you fall asleep you will dream.

“When I fall asleep I will dream,” muttered Kemi sleepily.

She turned over on her side and slowly drifted into unconsciousness. She did not hear the gentle knock on the front door of the executive suite bringing up the breakfast she had ordered.

The hall was vast and populated densely by thousands and thousands of hooded people all dressed in black and red. They all held long red candles, so that the entire hall was lit only by candle light. They were chanting words in a strange language…yet she understood perfectly. They were worshipping…praising their god.

Kemi surveyed the scene and savoured the power she had over them all. She was the all-powerful high priestess; the one who had been given the power of life and death over the people…the people of the Dark Kingdom.

Bring him in! She commanded her minions.

An unfortunate young man was dragged forward between two stalwarts naked to the waist, and placed on the altar. The young man appeared to have been drugged, for he did not struggle.

She poised the knife over his chest and raised her eyes to the god who had called her to serve.

A bell suddenly began to ring from afar off…she paused and frowned at the interference; but the strident sound of the bell continued. Reluctantly she looked towards the direction from which the bell was sounding and as she did so, she noticed the crowd of thousands suddenly fading from her sight…

Kemi sat up suddenly. Her phone had been ringing. She picked it up quickly.

“Hi Kemi, I just thought to check up on you. I had this sudden urge to call; I thought you might be in some kind of trouble…are you okay?” asked Muyiwa Johnson on the phone.

“Yes I am now. Thanks for calling me Muyiwa. How did you know that I was in trouble?”

“Well I didn’t actually know, it was more like an impression in my spirit. I’ve been praying for you for a while now Kemi.”

“You pray for me; why?” asked Kemi, quite surprised.

“Because the Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to do so,” answered Muyiwa.

“Are you in the office now?” asked Kemi.

“Yes I am,”

“I would like to come over and talk to you.”

“That’s okay. I will be expecting you.”

Kemi sat down on a chair shakily. She knew she was breathing very fast. She was scared. She had started to remember things…it had been a voice that had suggested to her that she slept. She had thought it was her own weariness speaking through her thoughts, but now she remembered the voice. It was the same voice that spoke to her the first day at home with her husband. She had taken some wine and then began to feel sleepy…her husband had started talking to her, but after a while it was no longer the sound of his voice she was hearing…she was hearing another voice, the same voice that had lulled her to sleep a short while ago!

On a sudden impulse she picked up her phone and dialled.

“Hello Muyiwa, when is your shift?” she asked breathlessly.

“I’m just going in. It’s the News at Noon. Why?”

“I’m afraid to drive myself over to the office. It’s a long drive and I’m afraid I will hear the voice again,” said Kemi, trying desperately not to panic.

“What voice? You know what, just text me your address and I will pick you up as soon as I finish the news. Meanwhile take some coffee, lots of it and do not lie down on your bed for any reason. In fact go to where there are people and distractions to keep you awake. I will come after I’ve read the news.”

“Okay. Thank you Muyiwa,” replied Kemi. She quickly went into the bathroom to freshen up. Fifteen minutes later, she went downstairs to the bar and ordered a latte and some sandwiches. The TV was on and several other people were having a late breakfast. The buzz of conversation around her made her feel safe. She couldn’t possibly fall asleep in her.

She took out her phone and sent Muyiwa the address of the hotel, then settled down to enjoy her late breakfast as much as she could.













Funmi Fallen! Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1

“Dad was very powerful and uncle envied his power,” said Funke musing over the events of the last few days.

“Have you read the journal sister?” asked Funmi, sitting up suddenly.

“Yes I have. It’s so full of Dad’s experiences in some other world. He and the Old Man,” replied Funke.

“Who is this Old Man anyway?” asked Funmi.

“The journal does not say,” replied Funke.

“I was never good at reading books, so you will have to tell me everything sister,” said Funmi.

“Yes, but we have directions to the Old Man in the journal. He lives all alone in an abandoned village deep in some forest. It has never been traced before. According to dad’s journal, it is a cursed village that has been kept hidden by ancient Bindings, and only those of his blood line can ever find it,” Funke sipped her chilled beer slowly.

“Dad’s blood line or the Old Man’s blood line?” asked Funmi, downing the rest of her beer and opening another can.

“The journal didn’t specify, but my guess is dad’s blood line, or how else would dad even find the place?”

“That’s true,” responded Funmi.

“We should get going soon. The Old Man is the key to everything.”

“Yeah I’ll finish my drink.”

Funmi and Funke stood up as one and walked out together.


They drove out of the city and headed for their father’s home town about six hours away. Funmi took the first driving shift while her sister dozed away to soft music playing in the back ground.

You do realize neither of us can marry don’t you? Funke whispered into her sister’s mind.

Funmi smiled without replying…she was used to her sister’s silent thoughts infiltrating her mind like the whisperings of a sudden breeze. They had decided long ago that they would use their ability to ‘mind speak’ only for intimate things between them.

Both of them had long realized that their abnormal abilities could never allow them to live a normal life and they had come to terms with it.

According to their dad’s journal, their spirits had somehow been fused together at birth in a deliberate experiment approved of by the Earth Mothers. It spoke of an ancient prophecy that revealed the purpose and its fulfilling. Funke had read out parts of it to her sister before they left on their long journey.

When their destinies are cut short

Then shall arise another that shall bring all to nought

For then a new breed of Man shall be birthed

The Two shall become One and shall be First

Then the ancient bloodline shall be revived

And so shall the Lawless One arrive


“Stop!” said Funmi grinning as Funke projected a rather obscene picture into her mind. They loved each other more than they really should.

As she drove out of the city Funmi reflected on the events of the past that had led up to the death of their father. She glanced over at Funke who was already dozing and caressed her mind with warm feelings.

They had been five years old when it had first happened; at least that was the oldest memory both of them shared.

Funke had woken up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and Funmi had woken up at the same moment. Funke had gone to one toilet and Funmi the other but only Funke had actually relieved herself. Funmi had felt the symptoms but it had all gone the moment Funke had relieved herself.

They had discussed it far into the night but had kept it from their parents. That was how close they were to each other. They didn’t understand it then and certainly they still did not understand it now.

They both discovered that they not only could project their thoughts into each other but also their feelings, desires and discomforts. They had then experimented further and found that using their combined efforts; they could project the same things into those around them.

At first it was not for long distances, but as they practised they got stronger and now distance was no longer a barrier. Furthermore they had learnt to use their emotions and thoughts as weapons against others. They could send strong emotions of depression or fill the mind with fear in a huge onslaught that could last for a long time.

That was how they had attacked their uncle initially, as they sought to find out his strengths in the spirit world, but they needn’t have worried…he was not strong at all. He wouldn’t have been a match for their father had he not caught him unawares.

They still regretted that they had done nothing to save their father on that fateful night when he had been murdered…but they had not yet known much about their natural abilities. Now they were adults with fully developed abilities.

She swerved suddenly to avoid a large truck that was over speeding around a corner. She had had a brief flash of its approach in her mind; seconds before it had appeared so she had stepped on the brake to slow down enough to avoid its sudden rush. The driver appeared to have lost control. She watched through her rear driving mirror as it careened off the road into the bushes beyond. She felt indifferent…no sympathy, and she didn’t wonder why…she already knew…her conscience had died a long time ago.


Kemi Longe strolled out of the studio wearily. She hated night shifts because she had to spend the night in one of the several one bedroom apartments provided for newscasters on night duty.

She walked down the well-lit road towards her apartment, dialling a number as she went along.

“Hello darling,” answered a voice on the phone.

“Are you missing me?” she asked, feeling lonely all of a sudden. She missed her husband terribly and they rarely spent much time together. She was a career woman and he a successful business man.

She had been unable to get someone to cover for her this weekend since her husband was in town and she really felt miserable about it. Her husband was usually on some business trip or the other most of the time.

She passed by the cafeteria and suddenly felt hungry as the smells of savoury cooking wafted out pleasantly. The cafeteria was open till midnight to cater for those who were on duty round the clock.

“I’m about to have dinner,” she said to her husband on the phone.

“Hmm…I’m hungry for you,” answered her husband.

“Will you stop, Olu, you’re making me feel miserable!”

“Sorry babe, I’ve decided to postpone my trip to Dubai next week so we can have some time together.”

“Are you serious?” squealed Kemi, ignoring the stir she was causing as she did a little jig at the entrance to the cafeteria.

“I’ve missed you so much babe,” said Olu.

Kemi blew a kiss over the phone and cut the line, and went to place her order. She had initially wanted a meat pie perhaps, and a chilled bottle of Pepsi, but now she was feeling so good she ordered a plate of fried rice and chicken and two bottles of chilled Pepsi. She would take one away for a night cap.

She sat down to her meal feeling elated and relaxed as she watched her colleague give the late night news.

“…the man who was identified as Tunji Falana is a well-known business man and the brother of the late Dejo Falana who died under mysterious circumstances several years ago.”

She turned her thoughts back to her husband. She didn’t want anything morbid to destroy her happiness tonight. Their marriage was only two years old but she had never regretted one moment of it.

Her husband had taken her to Miami for their honeymoon and had asked her to leave her job and come to work with him as an executive manager of one of his companies but she had declined.

She was afraid that they would quarrel somewhere along the line…she was afraid that if she didn’t create some space between them, they would eventually get too familiar with each other and one thing would lead to another…perhaps familiarity would breed contempt, and then her weaknesses would begin to show and be magnified to her husband…she couldn’t bear the thought of anything coming in between them. They had the ideal marriage and she intended to do all in her power to keep it so.

As she swallowed the last of her Pepsi, she thought of her younger brother. Kemi was a self-made lady who had her own grass to grace story. She had paid a steep price to be where she was today.

Her late father had been a strong believer and had raised her up to believe in Christ and to live a frugal life. He had always told them to live life like strangers on earth. Kemi had taken it all in back in the village, and lived that life so seriously. But after her father’s death she knew she had to take responsibility for her brother. Her late mother’s friend had introduced her to her daughter who took her to the new mega city of Ibaje to get a job.

She chuckled as she remembered how green behind the ears she had been…an illiterate and naïve girl. But that was almost ten years ago. Things had changed and she had become worldly wise…she had quickly realized that her father’s teachings and way of life that she had imbibed as a child were no longer tenable or even realistic in the modern world.

Oh she still went to church and prayed daily but it was more out of habit than out of belief. Church going and prayer were things she did without thinking…they were products of habit, no longer the fruits of a faith she had once fervently lived in her heart. She had lost her belief in them…they had not produced the life she had hoped to live and so she had turned elsewhere…and now here she was.

The only code of conduct she now followed was morality. She had vowed never to sleep around or embezzle funds or any such thing and she had kept her vow…her husband still expressed his amazement every now and then, after discovering that she was a virgin on their wedding night.

It was the reason her husband loved and respected her so much…she thought. She turned her attention towards her younger brother whom she had brought to the city and now regretted; for he had eventually fallen into bad company and gotten into drugs. Every now and then he would call her to beg for money, she would scold him sharply and then appeal to him to see a doctor at her own expense. She had even forced him twice to follow her to a hospital to get help but it had all been in vain. At the end of the day she still had to transfer money to him…he was her only sibling after all and he was so much younger than she was. She had rented a self-contained apartment for him and continued to pay the rent.

She looked at the time…it was almost midnight. She stood up and walked out of the nearly empty cafeteria.


Olu Longe took a deep drag from his cigarette and washed it down with a drought of whisky, secure in the knowledge that his wife would never know of his drinking and smoking habits.

He looked towards the open bedroom with great anticipation at the girl that lay between the sheets awaiting his pleasure. It was going to be a long night. He stubbed his cigarette and walked towards the room. Behind him his phone rang softly.


“The Trail has begun,” the line went dead.

Olu smiled. At long last the game had started. He had been groomed for it right from child hood. He was merely following a script that had been programmed several decades ago…and now finally, it was time for him to play his part. He shut the door of the bedroom behind him and switched off the light.


Chapter 2

“The village is deserted”, said Funmi, sitting up and watching the empty houses pass by. Funke slowed down as they reached the end of the dusty road.

“We go on foot from here on I guess,” she said, getting out of the car.

There seemed to be miles and miles of forest beyond the village as they walked away from the car.

“You think we can find him?” asked Funmi, stepping gingerly around some undergrowth.

“Oh we will sister, or he will find us. The prophecy in the journal foretold that the Joined Ones must receive their Legacy and only then shall the New Age begin,” replied Funke.

They walked on in silence and every now and then probed each other’s mind…it was so much easier and less cumbersome than talking.

The forest began to give way to thick bushes more than an hour later when they suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. It was still relatively light, yet darkness suddenly began to fill their minds. Their senses began to blur and numb as other senses came into focus. Their vision dimmed as their mind’s eye opened, dark clouds raced through the sky; pierced through with frequent thunderous lightning bolts.

Standing stark against the background of an ancient house stood a tall man dressed in what looked like a warrior’s outfit. He looked visibly angry as he stared at the twins.

You shouldn’t have killed him, he was the only son left to me!

The voice thundered in their minds, paralysing their ‘mind speak’ for a moment.

We didn’t know! We are sorry baba!

The sisters were taken aback at the sheer power by which the thought had been hurled against them. They fell to their knees as various emotions sought to overwhelm them…they felt fear such as they had never felt before and it was tangible fear. It caught hold of their bowels and increased their heart beat, threatening to send them into cardiac arrest.

Suddenly it was gone as soon as it had started. They found themselves beside the tall old man in front of the house. The sky was green and a lovely river bubbled merrily down past the front of the house.

“They are all products of spiritual power…the green skies, the river…everything except the house. It was your father who built it for me in order to give me a place free from all distraction to conclude my life assignment,” the old man said, staring away into the distance.

Later, they would enter the house and talk. The sisters were surprised at the level of sophistication the old man showed in his speech. They had expected an illiterate old man with crude ways.

“It was Azrael the fallen angel whom your father imprisoned that taught me how to speak English. He simply opened my mind and my speech centres,” said the old man, reading their thoughts.

“Who are you baba?” asked the sisters simultaneously. They had lapsed back into their natural way of allowing the fused spirit within them to speak before their individual minds could process their thoughts.

The old man looked both awe inspiring and terrible in his traditional garb. He had told them that it was not actually the traditional garb of their people; it was more like his protective armour in the spirit. It had been given to him by the Earth Mothers themselves after he had performed a service worthy of their thanks. They had assured him that he was both invincible and invulnerable for as long as he wore it. So he never took it off.

“I am many things, but I suppose I am firstly your grandfather. Your uncle killed your father and then you killed your uncle and now we are alone.”

A deep sense of anguish gushed into the sisters as they felt keenly their grandfather’s grief.

They stood up as one and came to kneel before him, sharing his grief…transmitting their remorse at the deed they had done.

“We are your children now baba,” Funmi managed to say with a lump in her throat.


Yomi Ajala sucked in the thick smoke from the roll of marijuana passed to him by one of his buddies. They were in his home in a sleazy area of town where the police never came and where there was no law. That was where he had chosen to rent his apartment. He had given his sister the wrong impression of what part of town he was living in, and every time she wanted to visit he stalled and gave some excuse…it would never do to bring her to this part of town. She may stop sending him money altogether.

He really didn’t like the life he was living, but at least he was free and didn’t have to work for people…after all his late father had been a billionaire until his death at the hands of supposed assassins whom the police were yet to track down.

His fingers trembled as he passed the stub to the next person. This was his means of escape from the reality he did not want to face…the reality that as a bastard child whom his father had hidden away for fear of the scandal that would erupt in the media; he had lost out on the fortune that could have given him a life of ease.

His sister Kemi had only had pity on him because he had not been able to complete his Secondary School education before his father was murdered. They had both been christened with their mother’s name – Ajala – after a huge amount of money had changed hands with their mother. Their mother had then run off somewhere out of the country without them and without any goodbyes. She had always been a self-centred woman as far as Yomi could remember.

Now that the fear of scandal had been removed by death, there was no point in revealing his true identity to the world…he couldn’t even claim his father’s name…the press would hound him and his sister for being heartless enough to stake claims on a man who was a known philanthropist…a champion of the poor, the homeless, orphans and many more. They would call him an opportunist.

Someone somewhere opened a bottle of local gin and it began the usual cycle of passing it round from hand to hand till it got to Yomi. He passed and strode out in rage. This was his usual pattern…working himself into a rage because of the opportunity of life he had missed out on…he would never get over it!

The sewage smells outside his apartment only made him more angry and drove him back inside…that was the moment when he had his great epiphany. He could no longer live this life of ‘hand to mouth’ anymore. He had to do something for himself. He flexed his bulging muscles and stared around his one single room that had become the joint for so many in the neighbourhood. He was their leader…it was his money they spent on drugs and drinks and women…money he was able to extort from his sister.

But he needed much more than a 50, 000 naira pittance every month to afford the lifestyle he wanted and his sister’s husband was loaded. It was simple…he would monitor him for a while and then strike with his gang.

“We are now officially an armed robbery gang!” he announced to his comrades in the room. Their drug and alcohol muddled brains took it all in slowly, and then there were shouts of praise known in local lingo as ‘hailing’.

“I no talk am before?” said one with half an ear gone.

“Yomi baba! E don tay wey we dey wait for this one. Nice one man!”

Yomi looked around the room furiously and reached for the bottle, draining it in one go and beckoning to a girl on the opposite side of the darkened room. A girl stood up to do his bidding and get more drinks. As he handed her some money the men took turns in slapping her butt as she strutted out of the room.

Yomi permitted himself a brief smile…they did not know the half of it yet but soon…he still had to do a few things before they were ready. He knew an old man in some forgotten village that could give him enormous power. His father in an indulgent mood had once taken him there in his teenage years. There had been no issue between his father and his wife until she died. But instead of marrying again, his father had simply decided to have an affair which led to the birth of his sister and eventually to his own birth.

At least Yomi could thank his loose lipped mother for revealing that much information to him and his sister.

His sister had been kind to him over the years…that was why he would not harm her nor her husband…all he had to do was cooperate and hand over the money. He had thought it through and had decided that kidnap would be the fastest and safest option. It would be easy to track him through his unsuspecting sister.

The girl returned with several bottles of beer…a luxury they couldn’t afford but Yomi was feeling generous today…things were finally looking up. He had a plan and now he had to follow it through. Tomorrow he would go in search of the old man.

If all things went well, Yomi hoped to be a multi-millionaire by the end of the year. The old man was the key in many ways. They needed spiritual power to succeed. It would not be easy kidnapping a billionaire like Olu Longe CEO of Sinbad Investments. It had to be planned properly and he already had the makings of a plan.

First he needed to convince his sister that he had reformed and then get her to invite him over to their home to see her husband about a job. She would be pleased and readily accept.

Once inside he trusted in his abilities to gather information concerning his movements. He knew it would take a few months for him to get used to the system but he had waited this long and could afford to wait a few more months for the big payoff. He smiled at the irony of it all…for even if he was caught, his sister would protect him…get her husband to let him off the hook…she loved him that much…it was simply a win-win situation all round for him and that was what he was counting on. He wondered why he hadn’t thought of the plan sooner.

Dapo elbowed Yomi to get his attention. Dapo was his closest buddy and confidante among the miscreants he had gathered around himself.

“What’s cooking man?” he asked quietly, not wanting any of the jubilating boys around him to know they were talking. He had his misgivings about getting involved in armed robbery. He might be a crook and a petty thief, an area boy and a thug…but he was not an armed robber.

Yomi grinned at him.

“That was just to make the boys happy. No such thing on my mind,” replied Yomi.

“What’s the plan?” insisted Dapo.

“The plan is to pick up my brother in-law; the one I have been telling you about.”

“That’s it?” asked Dapo in mild surprise.

“Yup, my in-law the billionaire is going to be kidnapped and nothing will come out of it even if we are caught, because my sister will protect me and by proxy all of us see?”

“You know you are a perfect idiot Yomi. So why didn’t you think of this sooner and just make us suffer unnecessarily?” asked Dapo menacingly before delivering a solid punch on the bulging biceps of Yomi’s right arm.

“Owww! What was that for!” yelled Yomi.

“For wasting three years of my life when I could have been a blooming billionaire by now,” retorted Dapo as he hijacked a bottle of beer from someone next to him.

Dapo had attended the same secondary school with Yomi and had dropped out at the same time and for the same reasons. They had been buddies even then…but over the years they had become closer than brothers. Once, Yomi had been arrested for being in possession of hard drugs and Dapo had rescued him from the police who were taking him away, by inciting a mob against them. The police fled and Yomi ‘disappeared’ in the ensuing confusion.

“We’re travelling tomorrow,” Yomi yelled after him, but the noise was too much. There was booze and naturally the spirits of the boys rose. Yomi got up and trailed after his friend. He knew Dapo was sulking so he had to pacify him somehow. He stepped out, and caught up with him.

“I’ll take you out to lunch” began Yomi.

“You’ll do better than lunch,” replied Dapo, warming up to the negotiation.

“Okay, lunch and chilled wine.”

“Lunch and two bottles of chilled wine,” said Dapo, walking a little faster.

Yomi groaned in anticipation of how much he would have to spend.

“Fine,” he said.

They turned down the street to the nearest bar and sat at a table discussing the plans for the next day. They would not return for several days perhaps. Yomi still had to remember the exact location, but then Dapo was good with rural areas. Once he knew the name of the locality, he would go underground to his godfathers and trace the place.


Olu Longe walked round his home carefully for the last time. Everything had to be just right, including the drugged wine his wife would drink…not enough to make her sleep outright, but just enough to dull her senses and put her conscious mind ‘under’ so he could have access to her subconscious mind.

When he was certain that all was right, he sat on the floor of his bedroom atop a black cloth placed upon a small platform, and held a bowl of blood in his hands wrapped in a black cloth. The incantations were simple and short. Something stirred within the bowl of blood…it began to boil and a vapour like substance drifted up out of it. He knew it was one of the Earth Mothers and immediately averted his eyes as was their custom. He had known instinctively from the moment the blood began to boil.

He hadn’t expected an Earth Mother to show up, he had thought a spirit or at best a fallen angel would be sent, but an Earth Mother! This was obviously very important. He felt slightly nervous being in the presence of an Earth Mother…some said Earth Mothers were spirits, some said they were human with special powers of longevity; but all agreed that they were the most powerful beings in the universe. Fallen angels could be bound but not Earth Mothers.

They received direct instructions from the Lord of Darkness himself. They were the ones that were known in the Christian Bible as Principalities…mortals possessed spirit soul and body by fallen angels. Their bodies had been inherited by fallen angels from generation to generation for hundreds of centuries through ancient covenants with ancient families, and had become something other than mortal flesh by reason of their dedicated use for spiritual things.

They had created knowingly or not, a parody of the glorified body spoken of in the bible. Earth Mothers had no need for food or the relieving of their bowels or any such mundane thing. They were called ‘Mothers’ only because they were responsible for birthing the plans and agendas of the kingdom of Darkness into the Earth realm…not because they were female…as to their gender…it didn’t exist on earth.

He had been given things to eat and drink on his visit to the old man, and had been told never to talk about it…he couldn’t have even if he tried anyway. His mind had been blocked somehow so that every time he thought about it, he came up blank…until a few weeks ago when it all started coming back.

He had had a dream and they had come into his room…the ancient ones all clad in black wearing masks…or perhaps their faces were masks. They were dressed like masquerades and they chanted softly and slowly.

He had been taught many things in the dream, most of which he only remembered by instinct, and only when the need arose. He had found that he could do and say many things out of sheer instinct than memory…like the incantations he had just chanted…it wasn’t in his memory, yet he knew them by instinct as sure as he knew his ‘Two Times Table’ by heart.

That was why he was bothered about the memories of his past that kept coming back to him…memories he could not relate with…memories that were strange to him.

He had always considered himself to be the son of late Chief Longe from whom he had inherited his wealth…he even had photographs to prove that he was the son and only child of late Chief Longe…so how come he was now receiving a different set of memories…piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle…as at yet he didn’t have mental images of people…only of places…but one memory never seemed to leave his mind…always it whispered in the background…You are Olumide…son of Tunji Falana!














Introducing Funmi Fallen!

Funmi Fallen (original name – (Funmi Falana) is the first Christian novel I have written that spends a lot of time developing the evil characters. This is because believers have no idea how much the Wicked have given up or done in order to achieve their ends. The truth is that we are either consecrated to evil or to good…to life or to death.

They still erroneously believe that the mere mention of the name of Jesus will instantly put their enemies to flight. If it were so, then won’t the Church be triumphant in power today?

It takes a great deal of consecration, steadfastness, faithfulness and much more to be able to put one’s enemies to flight by the mere mention of that most powerful Name!

Funmi Fallen is the story of twin sisters whose late father was a powerful warlock that performed a daring experiment. You have heard of Siamese twins…twins joined in one part of their body…this was the nature of the experiment Dejo Falana performed…except that instead of joining their bodies, he joined their spirits together…one spirit dwelling in two bodies.

It was an experiment that he hoped would eventually parody the Holy Trinity…Three Persons in One God!

But alas his life was cut short by his jealous uncle. His daughters discovered their father’s journal and went in search of a mysterious Old Man who had been their father’s mentor.

They hoped to complete what their father started and become the most powerful witches ever to exist!

This story is a treatise showing that we are in a daily minute by minute war! It shows how the believer can lose all and yet gain ALL!

There are many ‘Funmi Fallens’ in this world…many men and women, boys and girls who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

At the end of this book I want to have shown clearly through this story how Christians can and should stop at NOTHING in order to achieve the goals of Heaven…to have fought the good fight of faith and have laid up for them…the crown of righteousness!

Please do not miss out on any chapter of the book…it is loaded with eye openers…you have read Gods of the Earth, Music of the gods, Countdown to Eternity…but you have not yet read…FUNMI FALLEN!!!

NB. My previous website was taken down due to some failure on my part torenew on time…this is my new official website.

Also should you wish to purchase Music of the gods or gods of the earth, please visit Amazon at:

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God bless you greatly!

Anthony Livingstone

I am Dominion! Chapters 4 – 6

Chapter 4

Ever since he had had the dream, Dominion’s life style had changed drastically…he had felt a strong compulsion to spend longer times in prayer…sometimes, he would feel so much under pressure to pray, that he couldn’t do anything else till he had prayed.

“Intercessors call it a burden,” explained his mother one night after he had been praying for almost two straight hours.

“So what have you been praying for?” she asked, settling down on her son’s bed.

“Out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water,” said Dominion, sitting up excitedly.

“Mother you remember that scripture we read together last night in Matt 15:19?”

For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:  These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man…

“Yes I remember, what about it?” asked his mother curiously.

The heart is not the same thing as the belly!

John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

“How I wish I could have these Knowings as you call them,” chuckled his mother in amazement as she suddenly gained insight into what Dominion was saying.

“Man’s heart produces and releases its own products…dreams…desires…plans…but Man’s belly will always release only God’s own products…dreams…desires and plans”

“You got that right mother,” smiled Dominion, hugging his mother closely.

“Man’s belly is where his spirit is located and which is indwelt by the Holy Spirit Himself. It is He who releases the rivers of living water…we have a choice as to what we allow to proceed from within. True, out of the heart proceed the issues of life…but now out of the belly proceed rivers of living water!”

“That is the reason why you keep having the burden to pray in the spirit my son!” exclaimed his mother as she caught on fully to what her son was saying.

The issues of life must give way to the rivers of life…as the raw materials of earthly life must be stopped in favour of the raw materials of the spirit life!

Then mother and son joined hands and began to pray in the spirit in other tongues…they had been given a Knowing into things of the Spirit…now Dominion knew that he had to release divine resources for the battle ahead…he was confident that the Spirit was praying along with them…or how else could rivers of living water be released?

Rom 8:26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

In his mind’s eye he envisioned the dream again…the gigantic pool was a birthing place for unseen things that would soon be released on the earth like a flood…and the man he had seen in the dream was the instrumentality by which they would be released upon mankind!


Pastor Emmanuel had lots of problems…they had regretfully been told that they could no longer hold Services in the banquet hall of the hotel, and had therefore been moved into a smaller hall, due to constraints in funds. The bills had only been partially paid.

Furthermore, the few wealthy members of his church had been discreetly leaving for fear of being tracked to church by EFCC. They had gone incommunicado…even their phones were all switched off…

Pastor Emmanuel had made half-hearted attempts at visiting them one by one a couple of times, but the situation had always been the same…no one was at home…the doors were locked and the window blinds were pulled down…it was as though they had all planned to leave town at the same time.

Even Deacon Osho seemed to have developed cold feet at the last moment…fear must have gripped him afresh and turned his repentance around again…the news had been recording the systematic arrest of several prominent politicians and business men for various reasons mostly bordering on corruption.

Mrs. Emmanuel came in looking tired…

“Shouldn’t we call it a day Pastor?” she asked, looking at the wall clock. It was nearly 9pm.

“You are right my dear, I will pack up now.”

They lived in the flat above the one they used as a church office. They had been childless for nearly six years and after seven years as a pastor with only a flock of less than 100 members, Pastor Emmanuel was beginning to wonder if he had heard God right in the first place.

“You were thinking about our lives?” asked his wife abruptly, watching him from the door way.

Pastor Emmanuel hesitated, not really sure of what to say.

“I was thinking about the problems of the church” he replied cautiously.

“God will do it, He will turn everything around for good.”

“Amen,” he responded without much conviction, as he packed up his laptop.

He was beginning to get very fed up with these convenient little clichés…’it is well’…’God will do it’…and the likes…he secretly referred to them as cop out phrases, whenever there was nothing anyone could do about the situation.

He didn’t for one moment think God was powerless…yet sometimes he felt God had left man to his own devices…maybe the dispensation of grace was ending much sooner than people thought…miracles were none existent now, as was real spiritual food…all that was left now was motivational speaking and seminars in church…the things the apostles truly taught both as the milk and meat of the Word had long disappeared from the Church…a scripture floated into his mind…

2Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

Usually he remembered scriptures, but was unable many times to remember book, chapter and verse…it was one of his many failings as a pastor…at other times he was at best only able to paraphrase a scripture he remembered…but this one came to him in its entirety…he began to feel uneasy and guilty…because he knew the scripture applied to him in particular…

It was the same thing your late older brother was doing…preaching things that were inconsequential to the salvation of the soul…

The thought floated into his mind the same way as the complete scripture did…now he knew that the Holy Spirit was trying to get his attention…

“Darling, you go on upstairs and I will join you later, I really have to pray about something urgently.”

His wife looked up with concern…she had been busy rearranging his table.

“Urgent? Is there something you’re not telling me?” she asked anxiously.

“No nothing like that. The Holy Spirit just brought something to my attention now and I need to pray about it,” he replied.

What he liked about his wife was that she was not only dutiful, but also very obedient and patient…she never gave him any trouble…she wasn’t a pretty woman by any standards…but she had a beautiful spirit…she gave him peace in the home.

Lord what are you trying to tell me? prayed the pastor…

Tit 2:1 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

Pastor Emmanuel knew very well how thoughts operated…at least his own…he generally decided what to think…there were times when thoughts floated unbidden into his mind…but when they came as a direct result of what he was praying…especially with scriptural answers, with book, chapter and verse…he knew something unusual was going on…

He knew quite alright what the Lord was saying to him…he had to stop preaching his own messages and begin teaching the scriptures!

1Cor 2:13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

I will do it lord…forgive me…I will return to the ancient landmarks…he prayed.

Isaiah 58:12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

 I didn’t understand that one lord…

Find your sister in law…repair the breach between you…find her…and find your nephew…find Dominion!


Chapter 5

Prophet Faleke slowly regained consciousness in his body, still lying on the ground beside the gigantic Drum. He sat up, painfully aware of an excruciating headache…a by-product of using unlawful means of leaving the body in his spirit form. Yet he remembered every detail of his experience.

He had been unable to identify any of them, for they were all faceless…their leader however spoke his local dialect perfectly.

Henceforth we will do the summoning, not you! They all jeered at him derisively, prodding him in various parts of his ‘body’.

The Sacred Drum is meant to be our portal…our gateway into your world…you tried to summon us before our time, but never again should it happen!

Prophet Faleke had nodded, trembling violently at the quality of the voice of the speaker…it was abrasive and metallic…like a piece of iron scraping against a metal gate.

As the speaker continued to talk, his tongue elongated gradually out of his mouth in snake like fashion…till it caressed the Prophet’s cheek…then it pulled back and lashed him on the other cheek.

Faleke put up his hand involuntarily to feel the still burning cheek…there was a scar there, even on his physical body.

Your mission is to prepare bodies for us to inhabit…you will prepare 5 of your cult members…they will form the vanguard for our coming.

They must be wealthy and influential people of society…you have a month!

Yes my lord, Faleke replied, not daring to look up.

We will come for you the day after tomorrow…prepare yourself as usual! You are the first of them all!

The whirlwind picked him up again and propelled him upward for an eternity of time…when he resurfaced at the top of the Sacred Drum he lost consciousness of the spirit realm, till he awoke in his physical body.

This was not what he had been expecting…for almost 3 years he had exercised almost unlimited power in the spirit world…spirits were at his beck and call and did his bidding night and day…now reality was dawning on him…he was merely a plaything in their hands…they had been toying with him all along…they were the ones who had the power…not him.

It was now time for him to pay back…he who had summoned demons to do his dirty work had now been summoned to do their dirty work…they were going to possess him and there was nothing he could do about it!


Dominion’s mother – Mrs. Emmanuel Snr, was the principal of a large secondary school belonging to some top politician whose wife was the proprietor. On the side, she ran a very successful Coaching Institute and was on the verge of converting it into a full blown secondary school…that had been shortly before the demise of her husband…now the Coaching Institute had two other branches and she was no longer inclined to set up a school.

Her late husband had been the senior pastor of Light of Life Church while his junior brother had been associate pastor. At its peak, the Church had had well over 600 members, till the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the death of their founding pastor had split the Church violently and most members had gone their separate ways.

There had been a sharp disagreement between the brothers about doctrine… Pastor Emmanuel Snr favoured prosperity teachings because he felt it addressed the needs of the less privileged members of the Church, whereas Pastor Emmanuel Jnr, felt that the emphasis of Christianity was to be on preparing a people for the return of the Lord and consequently focus on the purity of the heart…

He felt that preaching prosperity so that people would take dominion over their circumstances and situations financially among other things was a distraction from the true gospel message and that if only people would seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all the other things they needed would be added unto them.

This eventually led to a quarrel that caused Pastor Emmanuel Snr to ask his younger brother to quit the Church, for the younger brother’s extreme messages about holiness were already causing several members of the church to leave.

On the day when he preached his final message in Church, Emmanuel Jnr had made an unexpected announcement publicly and till this day he was still full of remorse…for he knew the announcement had been from his flesh…out of bitterness…not from God.

As he had rounded up his message on that day, his older brother had come to hug him in a show of affection, for they had not told the Church the truth about why he was leaving…that eventually leaked out later…

“The Lord said I should tell you that if you do not repent, you will die!” Pastor Emmanuel Jnr had said unexpectedly, and had left the podium in tears, rejecting his brother’s embrace.

The Service had ended in confusion as senior Church members sought out pastor Emmanuel Jnr to try to find out the truth behind his leaving…but he refused to talk.

A week later, Pastor Emmanuel Snr died in a car accident which many believed was as a result of his younger brother’s pronouncement…some believed the pronouncement to have been a prophecy from God and others believed it to have been a curse…no one ever found out the truth.

Mrs. Emmanuel Snr had been totally shattered by the news of her husband’s death and for years had remained bitter against her brother in law…she had been of the opinion that even if God had sent him to deliver such a message…certainly not publicly!

Full of remorse, Pastor Emmanuel Jnr had tried to reach out to her for forgiveness but was turned away repeatedly…Mrs. Emmanuel Snr had then eventually relocated to a different part of the city and kept her whereabouts unknown to her husband’s extended family, changing her phone line and other means by which she could be contacted…she had wanted a clean break from her husband’s family and to start her life again.

Light of Life Church eventually closed down and Pastor Emmanuel Jnr went back to his Law Practice to start life over again…his wife stood by him trying all possible means to reach out to her sister in law but all was in vain…for Mrs. Emmanuel Snr firmly believed that it was out of the bitterness of his heart that her brother in law had cursed her husband.

Emmanuel Jnr became a broken man…a shadow of his former self…he himself was unable to explain why he had done what he had done…but he knew for certain that it had not been God who had sent him…he had believed himself to have committed the Unpardonable Sin through cursing his brother to death that he had also contemplated and indeed attempted suicide, but had been prevented by his wife who stuck to him like a shadow in those trying times…

Finally, out of desperation he and his wife had gone on a 21 day fast to seek the face of the Lord…it was there that he finally believed he had been forgiven and found his peace with God…and received another commission to start another Church…almost three years after his brother’s demise.

He had been unable to trace his sister in law to try again to make restitution…but then his attempts to find her had only been half hearted…for he was afraid of confronting her again…of the pain he might cause to her…of her hatred of him…

Mrs. Emmanuel Snr smiled sadly as she relived the tragic memories as she was wont to do occasionally in her free time…she watched the children playing out on the field through her window as her eyes misted over…next week would be the 4th anniversary of her husband’s death…but though the pain had somewhat receded…she still felt the loss deeply…keenly…yet the Lord had comforted her…had even appealed to her to forgive and forget…and who was she to disregard the voice of the Lord?

That period of time had been when the Lord had shown himself mighty on her behalf…it was He who had found a place for her Coaching Institution and gave it to her for free…someone whom she was not even close to had called her one day and told her that the lord had directed her to give her a building to start a Coaching Institute…and that had been how she had started!

It was He who had caused the good will of many of her students’ parents to be directed towards her and so her students became her first clients in great numbers even from the first day!

Finally, it had been He who had spoken to her one morning as she prepared for school and had told her many things…she had known it couldn’t have been her thoughts…for her thoughts had always gone in a different direction…

Release him…for My sake…for he will perish without your forgiveness…see how I have encouraged and comforted you…and I will do yet much more…but this one thing I do ask of you…forgive your brother in law and let him go! Give me all your bitterness…and I will give you My joy…for I am He who gives beauty for ashes!

She remembered she had not been able to go to work that morning, for she had broken down in tears for hours…but with the tears had gone all the bitterness…and to prove it to herself she had tried to call her brother in law to let him know that all was forgiven…but his phone was perpetually switched off…as well as his wife’s…she knew that it was an indication they had both changed their phone lines as she also had done.

From that time forward her walk with God had assumed incredible dimensions…she had learnt to be guided by him in her conscience…the voice of her spirit…then as she had continually loaded her mind with the Word, she had begun to become so sensitive to His leading through his Word…

She chuckled as she remembered one time that she had inadvertently almost replied one of her teachers using King James English! He had asked her if he could swap with another teacher to allow him to travel to for his mother’s 70th birthday anniversary and she had almost said

“Thou art permitted”, but the ‘thou’ had already escaped her lips before she realized it…she and the teacher had had several laughs over that one!

That was the extent to which she had allowed the Word to penetrate and saturate her mind and life…she simply couldn’t imagine a life without the Word! She usually spent at least an hour each night before her prayers studying the Word, and at weekends she simply glutted herself for hours on it…she just couldn’t get enough…she had several note books full of her notes and revelations given to her by the Lord…the Word was food on its own, she had discovered…

Once she had driven to their old neighbourhood where she had once lived not too far away from her brother in law…but she saw that a different family now lived where her brother in law had once lived…but she was hopeful that one day their paths would cross again…

The bell went and recess was over…she turned her attention to the knock on her door and sighed…it was time to meet the parents of the girl who had been suspended for stealing a teacher’s phone…


Chapter 6

Kemi Longe came from a modest home with strict moral upbringing…but her parents were nominal Christians. Her father was a lawyer and her mother ran a beauty salon.

She was incredibly beautiful as Dominion was incredibly handsome…that had been what had brought them together years back before Dominion had been grounded in the Christian Faith.

She was not an introvert, though she wasn’t much of an extrovert either…just somewhere in between, she liked to think. On the other hand, her boyfriend Dominion was a real introvert…she knew it and she loved it…to her it meant that he would be a stay-at-home husband…which was good, because he wouldn’t be out there where he could easily be seduced by loose wayward girls.

She had watched him secretly and had noticed few girls tried every now and then to give him the ‘green light’ but he had ignored them totally…he simply didn’t appear to be interested in girls and she was pleased with it!

She was however bothered by his recent attitude and withdrawal…he didn’t like to talk much anymore…not that he talked much at all, but at least he used to show some excitement when they were together…his answers to her questions were kind of…livelier than they were now.

Two years ago they kissed frequently and petted each other…on a couple of occasions they almost went further but she had prevented it because of the strict moral upbringing she had had…the moral strength to prevent it had arisen in her back then…but now, Dominion didn’t even seem to want to kiss her anymore…he did so with seeming reluctance and she was really getting worried about it…so she had asked him to take her out to lunch…she was determined to find out what exactly was happening to their 3 year old relationship.

She waited for a few more minutes before leaving her hostel…Dominion’s home was not far from the University, so he preferred to come from home, for it was not more than a five-minute walk…it was the reason he lived off campus with his mother on University Road as their street was called.

Kemi deliberately wanted to keep him waiting…at least she hoped he would be waiting for her…because if he wasn’t, it would be an indication that he had lost interest in the relationship.

As she neared their favourite cafeteria…favourite because it was rarely visited because of its distance from any class rooms, she spied a solitary figure sitting inside and fiddling with a phone…her mind eased off a little bit, for she knew it was Dominion.


Dominion just didn’t have the heart to tell her…yet…he had tried speaking to the Holy Spirit about it but had received nothing…not even a teeny weeny Knowing! He was reluctant to take that as a no…but deep down in his heart he knew it was going to be a no…yet he felt so emotionally attached to Kemi…

He watched her stroll down the grassy path that led to the cafeteria and wondered what he would say to her, for he was not much of a talker.

She would definitely ask him questions about their relationship…about the day she wanted him to kiss her for instance and he had done so very reluctantly and briefly…she had been hurt…he had seen it in her eyes…but the sweet thing about Kemi was that she never sulked…she was so mature.

“Is everything OK?” Kemi asked, trying to break the ice slowly and in as friendly a way as possible.

“Yeah”, replied Dominion, still unable to look straight into her eyes…he was fidgety…a symptom of his nervousness…he didn’t want to break off the relationship just yet…and the Holy Spirit wasn’t talking…God it was so frustrating! At least he should say something!

“So what would you like to eat?” he asked at length with a shaky smile. He finally brought himself to look at her and saw she was hurting…she smiled in return, trying quickly to blink away tears that had already begun forming in the corner of her eyes…but she guessed he had already seen them.

“Anything you are eating,” she responded.

“Ok then let’s do rice shall we”, he said, standing up and rubbing his hands, trying to sound cheery. He walked over to her and gave her a peck on the cheek, then went to place their orders. One or two other students had started arriving at the cafeteria.

As he placed his order he tried to think of a thread of conversation to start with her…or maybe he should just wait and let her initiate the discussion…after all she asked him to take her out to lunch.

“You have been very withdrawn these days Dominion,” she began, a faint trace of a sad smile played along the corners of her lips…she wanted to be careful not to do or say anything that would put him off.

“I know darling, and I am so sorry,” Dominion said suddenly…he was even surprised at himself.

“So what has been happening to you?” Kemi said, pleasantly startled by his reply. She had thought something had happened that would lead to the collapse of their relationship but apparently it had nothing to do with her!

“Well the truth is…”

The truth is she is not born again Dominion…you cannot be unequally yoked with an unbeliever!

There…so that was it!

“Well…what is the truth?” asked Kemi, poised eagerly on the edge of her seat.

“You have to be born again,” said Dominion lamely…

Kemi stared at him incredulously and then burst into laughter…

“That’s it?” she finally asked.

“Yes that’s it,” answered Dominion shyly.

“I cannot date someone who doesn’t share my beliefs,” he finished.

“Hmmm…and you didn’t think it fit to tell me this for over three years that we’ve been dating?”

“Kemi, honestly I haven’t been very faithful to my faith up until recently, but now…there is a closeness with God I feel that I cannot describe and I don’t want to lose it for anything in the world,” Dominion loosened up considerably as he held his girlfriend’s hands in his.

Kemi stared into his eyes and loved him the more…this incredible young man was one in a million! She didn’t know many who would stand up boldly for what they believed in and if he was this passionate about God then…maybe there was something she was missing out on…maybe her parents didn’t know all there was to know about God after all, in spite of the good morals they had taught her…maybe Dominion could teach her something more…

“I want to get to know the God you worship better, because it looks like he might be different from mine,” she said impulsively, but meant every word.

There! So when I said you can’t marry her, I didn’t complete my statement…you can’t marry her as she is…maybe she will get to meet Jesus after all!

Dominion didn’t care anymore about his shyness…he hugged Kemi and gave her a resounding peck on her cheek that was applauded by the couple that had just entered…the Holy Spirit was simply so awesome! He was so cool! He was amazing! He was accommodating! He was…

Kemi thrust a spoonful of rice into his mouth and ended his mental accolades abruptly.






Funmi flipped through the TV channels idly till she came to a News Channel. The last few days had come and gone like a blur, for she had little recollection of what she had said or done. But it had always been like that for both of them…she and her identical twin sister Funke.

It felt like they shared the same body because they thought the same things, said the same things and did the same things. But the funny thing was that they did all these at the same time.

Eventually their uncle had had to withdraw them from school when they had almost been mobbed for being ‘witches’. But that was like five years ago, just when they were about to sit for the WAEC exams, so they had been home schooled and prepared for the GCE exams, but that didn’t happen either, and for the same reasons.

Ever since then, their uncle had kept them at home, resenting them for what they were and gradually coming to hate them with a passion…but that was OK because he had hated their dad too with the same passion, and eventually murdered him.

The twins had learnt from their unpleasant experiences that it wasn’t normal and so had devised means by which they each took turns in speaking and responding so they could be ‘normal’.

“Good evening, I am Kemi Longe and this is StoryBoard TV presenting for…” the TV News Presenter looked fabulous.

There were things their father had written in his journal so long ago. Funmi remembered back then when she was still a child, she and her sister would wake up in the middle of the night and wander into their father’s bedroom. He would always be writing, until one night they stumbled on him talking…but talking no one in particular.

Their father knew he had been caught red handed so he tried to explain as best as he could in his own way.

“You see this note book here? This is my journal. Everything is written in here, so one day when you get older you will find it and read it,” that was what their father had told them. He wasn’t much of a talker.

Their mother had died even earlier still and up till now no one had been able to explain the circumstances surrounding her death. They had told them that their mother had ‘gone to be with the Lord’…whatever that meant!

On the day their father died, they had heard him screaming but were too scared to go to his room, so they had huddled together in bed in terror, till they heard the door of a car slam outside down below.

As they peeped out through the curtains they had seen their uncle reverse and drive out of the premises. He had been challenged by the security man but had been shot down. The sound of the gun hadn’t been louder than a clap. It was years later before they got to know about how silencers worked with guns.

They had searched for their dad’s journal but had been forced to come to the conclusion that their uncle had taken it on the day he had murdered their father.

They had obsessed over it but after so many long years, things had come full circle. They had confronted their uncle with the murder of their father…they were old enough now. It was now time for him to bear the consequences of his actions…her sister had begged to do the honours and she had wanted privacy…after all, Funmi had been the one who had tortured him for hours, even long after the journal had been retrieved from him…so now Funke got to kill him…

Funmi listened for a while to the news and then got up to go into her uncle’s bedroom smiling…Funke was cheating…she was torturing before killing…she was only meant to kill him…torturing had been Funmi’s own reward.

“Are you ready sister?” she asked as she stepped into the bedroom.

“Yes, it’s done,” replied Funke. They exchanged uneasy glances.

“I will dispose of our uncle. The world is ready to meet us,” said Funmi, not taking her eyes off her sister for one moment.

They stared long and hard at each other because they knew their life was about to begin.

“So we go in search of the Old Man now right sister?” asked Funke, shifting from one leg to the other.

“Yes, after I dispose of the body. Do you feel our bond growing stronger sister?” asked Funmi moving closer to her sister.

“Yes I do. I feel like I’m you,” said Funke, embracing her sister.

“As do I,” replied Funmi.

“We must find the Old Man dad spoke of in his journal. He will explain this to us.” Funke turned to stare at her uncle lying in a pool of blood on the floor behind the bed.

“Yes but I feel we can no longer have two names,” Funmi turned at the same moment to stare at their uncle on the ground.

“As I do…but I prefer Funmi to Funke,” said Funke.

“Then so be it. We are Funmi,” said Funmi.

“Yes we are Funmi…Funmi Falana. But I think the surname is now inappropriate.”

“Yes we have become less than Falanas have we not?” asked Funmi rhetorically.

“Yes, we have fallen,” answered Funke.

“Then we should answer to our new name.”

“Yes. We are Funmi. Funmi Fallen”. Funke absentmindedly stroked her uncle’s hair matted in blood. She had used an axe to murder her uncle. She had watched the shock in his eyes as she turned him around before striking the blow that severed his right ankle joint.

“So are you going to tell us where you hid our father’s journal?” she had asked him, not really expecting an answer, for she continued slowly to sever different joints in his body.

Of course her uncle was more than eager to tell her not only where the journal was but also the entire history of the relationship that had existed between him and their father…then Funke had killed him with the axe.

“We’ll go together to dispose of the body,” said Funke as she wrapped her arm around her sister’s waist. Together they went back to their bedroom upstairs to retrieve the journal.

“Then we’ll go together to look for the Old Man,” smiled Funmi.







I am Dominion! Chapters 1 – 3 by Anthony Livingstone

Chapter 1

I am Dominion!

“That was what the Parable of the Talents was all about in Matthew 25. If you bury your talent, it will be taken from you. Use your talent for God. For instance, the choir has an audition after Service today and I expect many people to wait behind to participate. God bless you as you do so.”

The lady quietly left her seat at the back of the church and walked out sadly as the Service began to round up. She had just wanted to attend Service in any church for the last time…just once more…perhaps there would have been a different message…a message that gave life…but it was the same everywhere she had gone to…another lady tagged along behind her.

Why Scripture was being so blatantly manipulated these days, she couldn’t understand. She knew that the reference to Talent in that parable was in reference to talents of silver – the units of money used in those days – and she knew also that the pastor knew it was so, yet…

This was the third church she was attending this month…but all the same kind of manipulation! Men were building kingdoms for themselves…

The woman she was conversing with, tapped her on the arm…she had thumbed through her bible while her older sister had been talking.

“The Scriptures say in John 18:36; Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

Her older sister nodded her head sagely. “Yes my sister, there will come an appointed time when prophecy reveals that the Kingdom of our God and of his Christ will come, but men want to usher it in by their own power…by taking ‘dominion’. That is why I will always resent the name my husband gave to my son.”

“Yes sister, my brother in law was too much into the new doctrines the church is preaching now. I remember once when I sat him down and showed him 2Tim 4:3”

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;” quipped the older sister.

“He got annoyed and walked away from me. He asked what do I know of the scriptures and that I shouldn’t meddle in things I know nothing about…I should leave spiritual things to pastors.”

“He often told me the same things too, may his soul rest in peace.” said the older sister.


It was a crashing sound but nothing was in sight as the two women began crossing the road…that was when it careened into sight, completely out of control. The older sister saw it first and walked faster thinking her sister was doing the same…but her younger sister was rooted to the spot in shock.

It was the sickening crack of bones being crushed and a body thudding on to the ground that the older sister heard.


“So that was how my younger sister died” she finished telling her story to her son.

“So my Dad named me Dominion because of the doctrine of taking dominion over the earth that he was preaching?”

“Yes, but it isn’t a bad name…there are other ways…”

“Mother please stop…I’m not a child anymore.”

“Please don’t change your name my son…for my sake.”

The teenager held his mother’s face in his hands tenderly.

“You know I won’t do anything to make you cry mother…not ever. But I will not stand idly by either and watch souls perish as a result of the doctrines of men.”

“But there is nothing you or anyone can do about it, prophecy has to be fulfilled.”

“Yes mother, but I can also make myself a vessel of honour in the hands of the Lord, a vessel fit for his use…then we will see what he will use me to do.”

“So you will not change your name?”

“No mother, I give you my word. I will not change my name. I am Dominion.”



Pastor Emmanuel doodled on a piece of paper in his office…he was giving his wife’s advice some serious thought…the tithes had been dwindling for several months now and the bills were mounting up. Soon they would be asked to quit the hall they rented in the hotel for Services if he couldn’t pay the bills that were due by the end of the month, and the church building was far from completion.

His wife had advised two options: to preach the coming Sunday on Tithes, or to make a call for donations towards the completion of the church building and use part of the money to pay the rent they were already owing for the use of the hall.

He was a shy man, not liking the idea of asking people for money…so he opted for preaching a sermon on tithing…except that no fiery message seemed to be forthcoming…oh certainly he had all the right scriptures…but how to tie them together convincingly was the problem.

His heart was cold…he had prayed for a couple of hours but he still felt cold inside. A thought crossed his mind and he picked up his phone. He would call his bosom friend – Pastor Lekan…sometimes pastors needed refreshing too!

The choir was rehearsing and the noise filtered into his small office…they had also rented a small two-bedroom apartment as a church office…a base for the church. Pastor Emmanuel often wondered if he hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew…but the business men and women in his church often assured him that “God would do it!”.

So he had believed them…he had joined his faith with theirs…and now they were failing…the economy was taking its toll on them gradually.

“Hello Man of God…”

A few minutes later, he put down the phone greatly encouraged…he was refreshed…Pastor Lekan had fired him up again!

He began to pore over the bible again, and words and inspiration began to flow into his mind…if people did not bring their tithes and offerings into the house of God, how was God to bless them?

There was still a nagging thought that had been at the back of his mind for a long time now…people still came with testimonies about how God was blessing them in various ways…but nothing in the proportion of what the bible described in Malachi…

MAL 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

How come the part that there shall not be room enough to receive it had not yet seemed to come to pass all these years…no one in his church had ever had such a bountiful supply that he had had no room to contain it…yet they were all paying their tithes faithfully…year after year…wasn’t there something wrong somewhere?

Shouldn’t there have been such a bountiful supply in the church by now? Yet finances were dwindling daily…for how long could he keep preaching the doctrine of tithes and offerings…sooner or later the people would get disillusioned…questions would be raised in their minds…

He had once asked his friend Pastor Lekan about his thoughts on tithes and offerings and how it was producing results in his church…because of this same nagging thought in his mind…but his friend had been so excited…it appeared to be working for him…then he realized that if he too had been asked the same question by any of his pastor friends…he too would have given the same excited answer…in faith of course…

He began to write faster as the points came in greater detail to him. There was a knock on the door and his wife who doubled as his secretary came in.

“One of the deacons is here to see you,” she said.

“Ok, please let him come in.” Pastor Emmanuel had a good idea which of the deacons it might be. One in particular had been asking for an appointment, but the pastor knew what he wanted…he was broke and needed some money. Whenever someone said they wanted to see you, there was usually a financial problem at stake.

Deacon Osho came in smiling, he looked a little emaciated. Pastor Emmanuel stood up for a handshake then ushered him into a chair.

“So what can I do for you sir?” asked the pastor, folding his arms on his large desk.

“Sir, my business has crashed. I am bankrupt. I have been paying my tithe faithfully and so I don’t know why this has happened to me.”

There was a knock on the door and Mrs. Emmanuel came in.

“Pastor, there are two other deacons here to see you sir.”


Chapter 2

The song sounded nice but that wasn’t what Dominion wanted…it was easy for him to write emotional songs, he was a very emotional person and it always reflected in his songs…but he had long since learnt that God wasn’t moved by the emotional content of a song, nor the emotions songs elicited from the singer.

He strummed his guitar and closed his eyes…he knew he was still filled with some bitterness towards his late father for giving him such a name, based on a doctrine he was trying to push in church…a doctrine he Dominion did not even believe in.

With a sigh he placed the guitar down…he knew that for as long as his heart was still filled with bitterness against his dad, it couldn’t be filled with anything worthy enough to offer to God…and he certainly wasn’t going to offer God the emotional content of a song!

He had once prayed about it before…but he knew it was only half-hearted prayer…he hadn’t really forgiven his dad…because every now and then that he thought about it, his heart filled up with anger…but this time he was determined it would end…he knelt down to pray and ask God to take away his hurt and the bitterness he felt. He finally forgave his father…after all this while, because he knew he would never make headway with God otherwise…he felt lighter…he was finally free.

He was an only child and he had often wondered what it would be like to have a sibling…older or younger it didn’t matter…just someone else to talk to and play with…so he had cultivated the habit of chatting with God, and had found it to be quite helpful even though God didn’t talk back…still it was reassuring to know that he was always there anyway.

He glanced at his wristwatch…9:25…he could see the crescent moon through the curtains in his bedroom window. He didn’t feel tired, so he took out his text books and chose one to study.

It was Maths…he didn’t like it that much but still he supposed he had to study it all the same…he flipped through the pages and then as an afterthought he checked the Table of Contents to look for one of the topics he had been having trouble with recently.

He began to read through the several examples given, his mind not really interested in it…till he lost concentration…this was boring! He stared unseeing at the equations that littered the pages of his textbook…they were like Greek to him.

He had started bringing out some other book to study when something caught his eye…he looked again at the Math text book and saw a symbol he thought he hadn’t understood before…but now its meaning suddenly became clear to him as day!

Others swiftly began to follow…wherever he turned his eyes, the symbols and equations unfolded and revealed themselves to him…the light of understanding seemed to follow the movement of his eyes…the equations were opening up to him gradually…rearranging themselves in patterns he had never seen before!

He paused as it began to dawn on him what was happening…the Holy Spirit was opening up his understanding…teaching him! Feverishly he opened up a note book and began to answer questions that he had previously shied away from.

“Thank you Lord,” he whispered.

A couple of hours later, he flopped down on his bed, exhausted…he had worked his way through three straight chapters and it was the same thing…it was as if his Math problems that seemed to have been hidden in darkness had suddenly come out into the light! Dominion chuckled and chuckled…then burst out laughing…till tears filled his eyes.

There was an urgent knocking on his door and his mother popped in her head…she wore a worried look on her face when she saw her son laughing on the bed. Dominion stopped abruptly.

“I’m okay mother, I just had an awesome experience!” he said, getting up from the bed and beckoning to his mother.

“For two straight hours the Holy Spirit has been teaching me Mathematics, can you believe that!”

His mother looked at him with uncomprehending eyes…

“My maths that I used to hate before, has suddenly become clear to me mother!” continued Dominion, patiently.

“Then I am very happy son, maybe you are beginning to take Dominion after all” she said.

“What do you mean mother,” said Dominion uneasily.

“Nothing, sometimes names have a way of being lived out by their owners…who knows if that will be the case with you.”

“Why are you saying this mother…what are you not telling me?”

Dominion’s mother stroked her son’s hair and looked away…

“If he is opening up your books to you, then He will certainly open up much more. He has done the same with me too.”

Dominion leaned closer to his mother breathlessly…

“And what did he teach you mother?” he whispered.

“That your name was not by chance…that it was never through your father’s choice that you were named Dominion…that it is a name of prophecy and destiny.”

“But why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Because you hadn’t forgiven your father…therefore you were still in darkness…you wouldn’t have understood.”

“What else did he tell you mother?”

“Nothing. The rest, He will teach you Himself. Good night my son.”



He smiled as she walked towards him…she looked tired…

“I need a drink Dominion please?”

“Sure, come on, let’s go to one of the cafeterias,” replied Dominion, as he linked hands with his girlfriend of over two years.

They had been dating since their 200 Level days, and still going strong now that both of them were in their final year. Her name was Kemi and she was the most beautiful creature Dominion had ever set his eyes on.

She was eighteen years old and he was nineteen, getting ready to celebrate his 20th a couple of months down the line.

He had chosen to study Maths in the University because of his track record in the subject and how well he had performed in the JAMB exams. But no sooner had he entered the Institution, his interest in Mathematics had begun to wane…as did his prowess…he had suddenly begun to lose ground and once had had to do a resit exam in his third year.

Kemi was a decent girl and not once had either of them ‘crossed the line’…perhaps due to their mutual upbringing. They had just been intimate friends and companions…but somehow every time the temptation came up, he found he had been able to squash it rather easily…now he understood that the Holy Spirit had been keeping him…preserving him…

Of course you know you can’t marry her!

The Knowing came up in his heart rather unexpectedly…he had had a series of these kinds of ‘Knowings’ ever since his Mathematics teaching experience with the Holy Spirit.

On one instance he had Known not to enter a bus even as he entered it and came down again, much to the annoyance of the bus conductor…but later, the bus he finally entered passed the unfortunate bus on the road…it had broken down and its numerous passengers were stranded, looking for a bus in the impossible ‘rush hour’.

Since then he had known enough not to argue whenever he had a Knowing…like this one…except that he wasn’t very happy with this Knowing…

“Why are you so pensive or subdued today?” asked Kemi, studying her boyfriend’s face, his drink hardly touched.

Dominion smiled brightly at her, trying to shake it off…now wasn’t a good time to think about it…besides he was still going to beg the Holy Spirit…three years of courtship wasn’t a thing to throw away lightly…

“Just had a bad day,” he lied before he realized it and kicked himself thoroughly in his heart…

“Sorry for lying Lord,” he winced painfully in his heart…he truly regretted the lie even though it had been deliberate…because Kemi wasn’t one to be thrown off a scent so easily…she would have pestered him for a reason like a dog refusing to give up a juicy bone, till he had told her the truth…and he wasn’t about to do that…not when he hadn’t discussed it with the Holy Spirit…

He sipped his Pepsi, searching for some thread of conversation he could begin, but he was too rattled by the Knowing he had just had.

“You are obviously not in a talking mood today. So tell me what happened to make you have a bad day,” said Kemi, putting down her half empty bottle.


It had taken Pastor Emmanuel precisely thirty minutes to get to the bottom of the problem. Apparently all three deacons had met before hand to agree to see the pastor at the same time…there was safety in numbers they had reasoned together.

All of them were government contractors, but with the approach of the new government to dealing with corruption, they had found themselves out of the loop. In fact, they had come for prayers that the EFCC would ‘overlook’ them and pick on some other hapless people.

Pastor Emmanuel was truly a God fearing man, and had told them without mincing words that if they had been dishonest with government money; their sins would find them out.

“So what exactly do you mean when you say your businesses have collapsed?” he asked as he leaned back into his chair after sharing God’s Word on honesty and integrity.

“Pastor, I have sinned greatly,” began Deacon Osho, anxious to tell the whole truth in hopes that God would not only forgive him, but also deliver him from his troubles.

“It is true that I was awarded contracts with huge sums of money, but the contracts were inflated and much of the money was not used to execute the projects. I diverted it into some other business ventures sir, and now I have been having sleepless nights in fear. I keep having this dream about EFCC coming to arrest me.”

“Hmmm…the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom,” began the pastor, seeing that the other deacons were not yet willing to talk.

“God will forgive you if indeed you are repentant, but repentance is not enough, you must also make restitution.”

“You mean as in giving back what I have taken?” asked the Deacon.

“Yes just like the tax collector I spoke of did!” emphasized the pastor.

“That would mean immediate arrest pastor,” said Deacon Onyemachi, chuckling…he was not impressed with Deacon Osho’s show of honesty and obvious naivety.

“Not necessarily,” replied Pastor Emmanuel.

“What is important is that you are honest before God and you throw yourself on his mercy. If He does not want you arrested, He will keep you safe Deacon, but your honesty matters a lot to him. Do not underestimate the power of God. I perceive that you are not yet truly repentant Deacon Onyemachi.”

“If God can get me out of this trouble, it will be the last time I will ever do anything corrupt,” said Deacon Osho.

“I will return all the monies I have enriched myself with, and I will redo the contracts as best as I can, then I will throw myself on God’s mercy and see what he will do with me. At least my heart will be at peace,” finished the Deacon.

“That’s the way to go Deacon Osho!” applauded the pastor.

Deacon Ayorinde stared stonily at no one in particular…he was bored with the ongoing religious nonsense…quite frankly he had only agreed to come because he was in cohorts with the other two, and there was no way they were going to confess without bringing in his name into the picture.

He had already decided what to do in his mind…before he was implicated in anything he would have to get rid of the other two.

“Do you have anything to say, Deacon Ayorinde?” asked Pastor Emmanuel.

“Of course sir, but my colleagues in particular Deacon Osho has said it all. I agree that repentance and restitution is the way to go…I was merely giving my life some sober reflection pastor,” smiled Deacon Ayorinde.

“I am so glad to hear that. I strongly believe God will take firm control. I want us to begin a time of fasting and prayer when we will come together to seek the Lord for his divine intervention. Perhaps the Lord will visit us and give us clear guidance as to how to go about making restitution.”

Deacon Ayorinde sighed inwardly…these morons! He thought to himself…


Chapter 3

It was a small room in a modest house in a peaceful neighbourhood…but no one could have guessed that it belonged to one of the most powerful people in the country…for such people didn’t flaunt their power carelessly…nor were they interested in others knowing just how rich or powerful they were…it was how they kept their anonymity.

The house was a dedicated chapel of sorts…black curtains draped the windows of the temple of self-styled spiritual leader Prophet Faleke; spiritual adviser to the Governors of four States in the country.

Each of the four rooms was designed like a shrine dedicated to various deities. Deacon Ayorinde waited in the small outer office where a dwarf watched him suspiciously from behind a table that hid all but his face…another dwarf lady dressed in a single black wrapper stood by a door beside a single giant black candle into which she occasionally threw some ground herbs that caused a stench in the room.

A dwarf came out of a door leading to the rooms, with a single black wrapper in his hands and handed it over to Deacon Ayorinde. They all stared stonily at him as he turned his back on them and began to undress.

Minutes later he was ushered into the presence of the Prophet – a thin, gaunt man with a bald head and a long bushy beard. He was dressed in a black robe decorated with cowrie shells and a sash around his waist.

“You are late; the others were here almost an hour ago!” said the Prophet a little impatiently.

“Yes sir, I had a little emergency with my daughter she- “

“She fell down the stairs and broke an ankle, that is because the gods are angry with you Ayorinde!”

Deacon Ayorinde fell on his knees in stark fear, then assumed a prone, prostrate position on the ground.

E jo sa!” he begged, grovelling on the ground before the Prophet who seemed to know everything about anyone without asking any questions.

“It isn’t me you should be begging; you should beg the gods. What possessed you to follow your ignorant colleagues to your pastor for prayers…you think I wouldn’t know?”

Deacon Ayorinde was dumbfounded…how did he even know? He was speechless…he hadn’t realized just how powerful the man in whose presence he grovelled was…he had heard stories of how he had once blinded a man by speaking mere words, and how he had been responsible for the mysterious murder of a previous governor who had ‘grown wings’…

“I’m sorry sir, please!” said Deacon Ayorinde as he began to babble in fear of the retribution that was coming to him.

“You are only lucky that the gods still have a use for you Ayorinde,” said the Prophet, smiling evilly as he paced around the trembling figure lying prone on the ground.

They were in a room where a gigantic round Drum had been mounted on a dais…the drum was made of skins…

“It is made of hundreds of layers of dried human skins, among other things” said the Prophet pointing to the drum when he had permitted Deacon Ayorinde to get up on his feet again.

“It is the most powerful Drum on earth, for it makes no human or earthly sound…yet it summons forces you cannot even begin to comprehend” he continued, finally seating himself on the only stool in the room.

“So what sacrifice have you come to pledge?”

“My lord, I have come to pledge my last born son Yemi, in hopes that the deities will protect me from being exposed by the government,” said the Deacon as he grovelled again at the feet of the Prophet.

“If you do as you say and bring his blood and hair as is our custom, you shall remain under the protection of the gods for another full year, like the others,” said the Prophet.

“I will bring the materials this very evening my lord, without fail.”

“Then all that remains is the sacrifice to propitiate the deities for the embarrassment you have caused them by seeking the help of your pastor…you will pay 5 million Ayorinde.”

“Yes my lord, all shall be done today.”


Deacon Ayorinde left, a happy man…he knew he had gotten off lightly, unlike the unfortunate senator who had refused to comply with his annual sacrifices, because it had been the turn of his last born child…he had eventually run mad.

Ayorinde knew the ways around these things…that was why he kept several concubines who had given him children…it protected his nuclear family…his first born son had been from a concubine as was his last born son Yemi who unfortunately was now to be sacrificed to maintain his incredible wealth and position.

The Prophet had given no law that stated that the first and last born children had to be from the nuclear family, neither was there any law that stated that his wife had to be used rather than a concubine…he chuckled softly…he was free to live as he liked for another year…nothing could happen to him…he was under the protection of the deities…this was what he believed in…his church attendance was merely to keep up appearances with his nuclear family…to maintain social and business connections that he might not otherwise have access to outside the church.

His driver jumped out smartly out of the car to open the door for him…he should celebrate…have one last get together with his last born son Yemi, before his demise…

“To mummy Yemi’s house,” he ordered the driver.

As the driver eased into the congested highway, he wondered about the other two deacons whose money was tied to government contracts…he on the other hand merely used it as a front to cover up where his money really came from…after all, he had to have some physical and visible source of income…or how could he possibly explain that his wealth came from the spirit world?

So when he and the others had been denied contracts by the new government, he had known that he would have to play along with them…but now that Deacon Osho was running his mouth about going to spill the beans…he had to protect himself…so even though he was under the protection of the deities, he would certainly not leave anything to chance…Deacon Osho would have to go…but he would keep watching Deacon Onyemachi for now…he hadn’t appeared too willing to tow Deacon Osho’s path, at the meeting they had had with the pastor.



Prophet Faleke concluded the Ritual of the Drum along with his accolades the dwarfs…carefully he moved slowly around the Drum, beating it once in specific places…not a sound was heard…he beat the Drum four times…his accolades lay flat on their faces around the Drum. The Prophet returned to the small stool in the corner of the room and waited patiently…he whom he had summoned would come…

He seldom knew which deity would appear…sometimes he didn’t even recognize the deity that appeared…it seemed they liked to keep their identities anonymous for some strange reason.

The Ritual of the Drum had been handed down to his father and his father before him for several generations…no one knew the actual facts, but legend had it that the Drum had at one time been used to summon the children of the gods that once walked the earth in its early days…

He believed the story because of a similar story he had read in the bible about angels coming down from heaven to take wives of the daughters of men, and producing children who were giants on the earth in those days…

Of course the bible had said they had all perished in the Flood…but he knew better…Oranmiyan…Sango…Obatala…and all the rest of them still existed…they still came when they were summoned…for they did not have mortal souls like Mankind…they were the seed of fallen angels…they were the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, howbeit no longer inhabiting the physical bodies they once had.

He sent his accolades out of the room and stood in front of the Drum, watching its smooth skin…knowing that his Visitor would soon manifest himself…

He felt a thrill as the smooth skin of the Drum began to ripple as though it was suddenly melting into liquid…this was the usual way the Beings from the Other Side came through…he stared at it anxiously, hoping that it would not be one of the fierce ones…

There did not seem to be any figure forming in the now turbulent rippling of the surface of the Drum, instead…a whirlwind seemed to be forming from the depth of the Drum…way down at the bottom…it rose at tremendous speed…Prophet Faleke felt himself falling…the whirlwind appeared to be sucking him in…he felt himself losing balance and screamed as he fell inside…


Dominion woke up with a start, not quite sure what had woken him up…he was a light sleeper by any standards. He looked around his dark room listening for sounds, but heard nothing.

He lay back thinking about the dream that he had just experienced…he had never felt so conscious within a dream before…he could still feel the tingle of the cold water that had splashed on him as someone he had never seen before, fell from somewhere pretty high into a gigantic pool…screaming…

There had been a lot of fiendish laughter all around him from unseen people…or beings…laughter that sounded more like wailing and wheezing and short intermittent screams…

He hadn’t been afraid for some reason…but he had been curious enough to look more closely at the figure now floundering in the gigantic pool…he would remember that face for a long time…

Tall figures had begun to emerge from the corners of the pool as though unseen stair cases were all around…till he had seen that they were actually hovering and rising in the air…they had no faces…only the form and figure of men…they were rather very thin and too tall to be human…

That was when he had another Knowing…

They are demons…fallen angels!

That was also when he had woken up suddenly…

He felt an urge to pick up his bible and just flip through…he began reading on the page he first opened…

Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

It started coming together…just like his Maths equations had begun to form patterns…the sons of God were the fallen angels…their goal had been to corrupt God’s creation by creating a hybrid race…part angel and part man…

Their goal has still not changed!

He knew that they were planning something big…for some strange reason God had allowed him into their counsels…and the person he had seen falling into the pool was to be their main instrument…he would remember the face…

Just before he woke up he had seen one of the faceless creatures reach out and pull the man out of the pool…then the others had surrounded him…blocking him from his view…