Teens and the Age of Rebellion!



Teens and The age of Rebellion!

They’ve reached the age where they want to experiment with anything and everything. It’s their ‘Research Years’ where they try out things FOR THEMSELVES and decide FOR THEMSELVES what works for them or not.

It is also the age where they are influenced the most by their peers.

Childhood was the age of impressionism, but teenage are the years of influence…who or whatever holds the greatest influence over their lives, or can captivate them the most will win their hearts.

That is why a direct approach may not always work …you also need an indirect approach.

Make FREEBORN! Your tool to influence them for good.

FREEBORN! The amazing seasonal story of a group of teenagers who refused to be influenced by their parents mistakes…they fought for a life without regret and it cost!

Teach them to be brave, upright and honest at all costs…join the teen revolution… Help them choose to make the right decisions in life…

Join FREEBORN… For the children… For ourselves… For the love of God!

Stay tuned for another episode of FREEBORN! Tomorrow!

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