The Origin of Dunamis! (From the Chronicles of Dunamis)

It had been nearly three years since Dele rescued his friend Olu from being critically injured in his eye by a couple of bullies. Ever since then, there had been no incident that called for the use of extraordinary strength or speed.

In fact, Dele had quite forgotten about the incident in which the Holy Spirit had used his muscles and reflexes to save Olu from an injury that could have blinded him in the eye.

As he lay awake in the middle of the night, he pondered upon the dream he had just had. It brought back memories of how he had saved Olu three years ago…or rather, how the Holy Spirit had used him to save Olu.

The dream confused him because he had woken up panting from a dream where he had actually been running across rooftops. He had read a few comics about self styled super heroes but he had found them to be childish. He was not given to reading and they certainly didn’t have a TV in their little home.

There had been a few times when his mother had permitted him to go with Olu to watch TV across the road at a friendly neighbour’s house. It was there that he had seen Spider Man and the X-Men. The other kids seemed thrilled by them, but perhaps since he hadn’t been trained in the tradition of watching movies, they seemed like ridiculous things.

Or how else could you explain someone in a mask jumping from roof top to roof top with some kind of web; it just didn’t make sense to him!

This was why he was confused about his dream. He hadn’t even watched any movie for several months now; so why would a movie about him jumping from rooftop to rooftop suddenly play out in his drneams?

What made it even worse was how he had woken up panting,  as though he had actually been running and jumping like he had been in the dream. It was a totally new phenomenon to him.

He sat up in bed and removed his vest that was already soaked in sweat and looked at his sleeping mother. She had draped her arm around him protectively but he had managed to wiggle out of her embrace without waking her up.

He thought about the real heroes of the bible…he couldn’t recall any of them jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

He did remember Jacob who wrestled till daybreak and actually wrestled him to a standstill!

Then there was Joshua who made the sun stand still. Those rwere the superheroes he had grown up with and these others just couldn’t hold a candle to any of them.

He had calmed down enough to try to recall his dream in full. He remembered how it had begun. In the dream, he had been walking along a dusty narrow path and there had been a signboard to the right that said THE WAY THAT LEADS TO LIFE.

He had deliberately chosen it because he saw how few people were walking along it and how many people were walking on a very broad road on the other side,  jeering and scorning him and the others on the narrow way.

Then things had happened rather fast after that. He had seen Olu among the teeming multitudes walking along the broad way and had tried calling out to him.

Suddenly he had seen a vision of the end of the broad way…it led straight down into a bottomless pit brimming with fire. The vision had flashed before him in one moment and then he had realized the urgency of saving his friend Olu yet again.

He had tried to cross over to the Broad Way but there was a great wide gulf that separated both roads. Then he had noticed a giant with drawn sword suddenly emerging from the clouds as though he was walking down some invisible stair way.

He had beckoned to him to come.

“Do you really wish to save your friend?” asked the giant, bending down low so Dele could see his face. It was shining bright as though it was actually made of light. His eyes were like fire that burned and sparkled all at once!

“Yes, I would very much like to save him if I can, but there is a great gulf that prevents me from reaching him”, replied Dele.

“I could give you wings that would fly you across the great gulf. Would you like that?” asked the giant.

“Yes, very much”, replied Dele earnestly.

“Then you must pay the price for your wings”, continued the giant.

“I will do anything to save my best friend! Please help me!” cried Dele.

“Then you must become the super hero you so hate to be. You must give up your life to be a Saver of other lives,” said the giant as he lifted Dele up easily in one hand.

He blew into his face and Dele was suddenly airborne. He found himself running in the air across the great gulf…he found himself on the Broad Way and continued running across the rooftops of the many houses, across cities, ever looking out for his best friend.

” Go Dunamis go and save your friend!” Dele heard the giant cry after him.

His mother’s gentle tap on his shoulder brought him out of his strange reverie. Had he fallen asleep again to dream the same dream, or had he daydreamed the identical dream he had just woken up from?

“Why are you wide awake Dele? What is wrong? Are you ill?” his mother sat up alarmed.

Dele turned to face her with a slight smile of reassurance.

“I’m fine mum, I had a very strange dream and when I woke up, I think I went into a daydream  and saw the very things I dreamed about.”

“Tell me about it” said his mum.

When Dele had finished narrating his dream, he turned questioningly towards his mother.

“Why did the giant call me Dunamis and what does Dunamis mean mum?” asked Dele.

“It is a Greek word that means POWER” replied his mother, holding her son’s face between her hands gently.

“It was no ordinary dream my son. It was your Calling.”

“Calling? Where or for what?”

“Do you remember the story of Samuel? How when he was a little boy like you  he heard someone calling him?”

“Yes I remember the story mum”

“God was calling him then. It was his Calling to be a priest. This dream that you have had is your  Calling to be something that God has described by the name given to you by the angel whom you saw as a giant. You have been named Dunamis son, because with power you will save and rescue people from the Broad Way.”

“But does that mean I will be a superhero, jumping from rooftop to rooftop?”

“Not necessarily son, in fact I don’t think so. But I do know that you will do great things for the Lord Dunamis” smiled his mother.

“So now you are calling me Dunamis too mum?” said Dele thoughtfully.

“It is the name your heavenly father has given you my dear. To me you are still Dele, but to God you have become Dunamis!”

Days after the dream, Dele was doing his homework with his friend Olu when there was a knock on the door. The door opened violently and a little boy ran inside breathlessly throwing himself on the floor.

“My sister is shaking and my mother is not around. Please help me!”

“Take us to her,” replied Dele immediately. His own mother was not around either.

They ran along with the boy to the house somewhere within a forest not too far off.

Without hesistation, Dele carried the little two year old girl in his arms. Her eyes had turned upwards so that only the whites were showing.  Dele started praying like his mother had taught him in tongues.

The village hospital was quite a distance away.

“Lord I need the speed of Elijah to get this girl to the hospital!”

As he sped through the dusty path leading out of the village,  he could feel Olu struggling to keep up with him.

Then suddenly Olu was no longer by his side…or at least he couldn’t sense him nearby. The bushes on either side flew past him like a blur. He knew he was running faster than any boy of his age could ever run…no, even faster than any man alive could ever run…

He had indeed become DUNAMIS! Somewhere deep within, he could hear a voice urging him on….

“Go DUNAMIS,! Save the girl!”



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