Teens and the Age of Rebellion!



Teens and The age of Rebellion!

They’ve reached the age where they want to experiment with anything and everything. It’s their ‘Research Years’ where they try out things FOR THEMSELVES and decide FOR THEMSELVES what works for them or not.

It is also the age where they are influenced the most by their peers.

Childhood was the age of impressionism, but teenage are the years of influence…who or whatever holds the greatest influence over their lives, or can captivate them the most will win their hearts.

That is why a direct approach may not always work …you also need an indirect approach.

Make FREEBORN! Your tool to influence them for good.

FREEBORN! The amazing seasonal story of a group of teenagers who refused to be influenced by their parents mistakes…they fought for a life without regret and it cost!

Teach them to be brave, upright and honest at all costs…join the teen revolution… Help them choose to make the right decisions in life…

Join FREEBORN… For the children… For ourselves… For the love of God!

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The Imagination


If you have read a novel to the very end and you experienced flowing motion pictures as the words described what you were reading, then you have a pretty well developed imagination.

However this stage is what is called PASSIVE IMAGINATION – when you imagine what others want you to imagine through their words.

However as children most of us had fantasies or dreams of becoming doctors, engineers and so forth and those dreams or fantasies usually translated to moving pictures in our mind’s eye.

This is referred to as ACTIVE IMAGINATION – when you imagine what you want to imagine for yourself.

But both active and passive imagination is not the full scope of the ability to imagine. We must move beyond that and enter the realm of CONSTRUCTIVE IMAGINATION – where we use our imagination constructively to do such things as plan the details of every single day, reform behavioural patterns, create ideas and concepts, and so forth.

For instance, you may have had cause to dwell or brood on something someone did to hurt you and then your mind begins to imagine the various kinds of responses you will give the person when you finally meet…perhaps a few harsh words…perhaps even a dirty slap!

You see you are REHEARSING in your imagination the pattern your behaviour will take towards that person when you eventually meet him or her. This is DESTRUCTIVE IMAGINATION.

But if destructive imagination can be used in this manner, then so can constructive imagination.

You see, REHEARSING leads to REINFORCEMENT which in turn leads to REALITY.

We all shape our behavioural patterns and thought patterns by what we rehearse in our imagination!

I will be back tomorrow with more!

Do you think in pictures or words?

Most people think both ways. I once ran a survey and out of 50 friends only 36 responded. 20 out of the 36 thought first in words and then augmented words with pictures while the other 16 thought first in pictures and then translated pictures into words.

Yes we certainly have both verbal and visual thinkers and learners and both visual and verbal thinking play a role in understanding things.

However when you read a novel most people will agree that the novel seems to transmute its words automatically into pictures!

But there is a whole lot more than just pictures going on in a novel, for your emotions come into play…there is tension…suspense…heartbreak…grief…relief…disappointment…all of which the reader experiences in various degrees according to the level to which they have developed their imaginative powers; and that’s exactly what my next post will be about – the Imagination!

The Origin of Dunamis! (From the Chronicles of Dunamis)

It had been nearly three years since Dele rescued his friend Olu from being critically injured in his eye by a couple of bullies. Ever since then, there had been no incident that called for the use of extraordinary strength or speed.

In fact, Dele had quite forgotten about the incident in which the Holy Spirit had used his muscles and reflexes to save Olu from an injury that could have blinded him in the eye.

As he lay awake in the middle of the night, he pondered upon the dream he had just had. It brought back memories of how he had saved Olu three years ago…or rather, how the Holy Spirit had used him to save Olu.

The dream confused him because he had woken up panting from a dream where he had actually been running across rooftops. He had read a few comics about self styled super heroes but he had found them to be childish. He was not given to reading and they certainly didn’t have a TV in their little home.

There had been a few times when his mother had permitted him to go with Olu to watch TV across the road at a friendly neighbour’s house. It was there that he had seen Spider Man and the X-Men. The other kids seemed thrilled by them, but perhaps since he hadn’t been trained in the tradition of watching movies, they seemed like ridiculous things.

Or how else could you explain someone in a mask jumping from roof top to roof top with some kind of web; it just didn’t make sense to him!

This was why he was confused about his dream. He hadn’t even watched any movie for several months now; so why would a movie about him jumping from rooftop to rooftop suddenly play out in his drneams?

What made it even worse was how he had woken up panting,  as though he had actually been running and jumping like he had been in the dream. It was a totally new phenomenon to him.

He sat up in bed and removed his vest that was already soaked in sweat and looked at his sleeping mother. She had draped her arm around him protectively but he had managed to wiggle out of her embrace without waking her up.

He thought about the real heroes of the bible…he couldn’t recall any of them jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

He did remember Jacob who wrestled till daybreak and actually wrestled him to a standstill!

Then there was Joshua who made the sun stand still. Those rwere the superheroes he had grown up with and these others just couldn’t hold a candle to any of them.

He had calmed down enough to try to recall his dream in full. He remembered how it had begun. In the dream, he had been walking along a dusty narrow path and there had been a signboard to the right that said THE WAY THAT LEADS TO LIFE.

He had deliberately chosen it because he saw how few people were walking along it and how many people were walking on a very broad road on the other side,  jeering and scorning him and the others on the narrow way.

Then things had happened rather fast after that. He had seen Olu among the teeming multitudes walking along the broad way and had tried calling out to him.

Suddenly he had seen a vision of the end of the broad way…it led straight down into a bottomless pit brimming with fire. The vision had flashed before him in one moment and then he had realized the urgency of saving his friend Olu yet again.

He had tried to cross over to the Broad Way but there was a great wide gulf that separated both roads. Then he had noticed a giant with drawn sword suddenly emerging from the clouds as though he was walking down some invisible stair way.

He had beckoned to him to come.

“Do you really wish to save your friend?” asked the giant, bending down low so Dele could see his face. It was shining bright as though it was actually made of light. His eyes were like fire that burned and sparkled all at once!

“Yes, I would very much like to save him if I can, but there is a great gulf that prevents me from reaching him”, replied Dele.

“I could give you wings that would fly you across the great gulf. Would you like that?” asked the giant.

“Yes, very much”, replied Dele earnestly.

“Then you must pay the price for your wings”, continued the giant.

“I will do anything to save my best friend! Please help me!” cried Dele.

“Then you must become the super hero you so hate to be. You must give up your life to be a Saver of other lives,” said the giant as he lifted Dele up easily in one hand.

He blew into his face and Dele was suddenly airborne. He found himself running in the air across the great gulf…he found himself on the Broad Way and continued running across the rooftops of the many houses, across cities, ever looking out for his best friend.

” Go Dunamis go and save your friend!” Dele heard the giant cry after him.

His mother’s gentle tap on his shoulder brought him out of his strange reverie. Had he fallen asleep again to dream the same dream, or had he daydreamed the identical dream he had just woken up from?

“Why are you wide awake Dele? What is wrong? Are you ill?” his mother sat up alarmed.

Dele turned to face her with a slight smile of reassurance.

“I’m fine mum, I had a very strange dream and when I woke up, I think I went into a daydream  and saw the very things I dreamed about.”

“Tell me about it” said his mum.

When Dele had finished narrating his dream, he turned questioningly towards his mother.

“Why did the giant call me Dunamis and what does Dunamis mean mum?” asked Dele.

“It is a Greek word that means POWER” replied his mother, holding her son’s face between her hands gently.

“It was no ordinary dream my son. It was your Calling.”

“Calling? Where or for what?”

“Do you remember the story of Samuel? How when he was a little boy like you  he heard someone calling him?”

“Yes I remember the story mum”

“God was calling him then. It was his Calling to be a priest. This dream that you have had is your  Calling to be something that God has described by the name given to you by the angel whom you saw as a giant. You have been named Dunamis son, because with power you will save and rescue people from the Broad Way.”

“But does that mean I will be a superhero, jumping from rooftop to rooftop?”

“Not necessarily son, in fact I don’t think so. But I do know that you will do great things for the Lord Dunamis” smiled his mother.

“So now you are calling me Dunamis too mum?” said Dele thoughtfully.

“It is the name your heavenly father has given you my dear. To me you are still Dele, but to God you have become Dunamis!”

Days after the dream, Dele was doing his homework with his friend Olu when there was a knock on the door. The door opened violently and a little boy ran inside breathlessly throwing himself on the floor.

“My sister is shaking and my mother is not around. Please help me!”

“Take us to her,” replied Dele immediately. His own mother was not around either.

They ran along with the boy to the house somewhere within a forest not too far off.

Without hesistation, Dele carried the little two year old girl in his arms. Her eyes had turned upwards so that only the whites were showing.  Dele started praying like his mother had taught him in tongues.

The village hospital was quite a distance away.

“Lord I need the speed of Elijah to get this girl to the hospital!”

As he sped through the dusty path leading out of the village,  he could feel Olu struggling to keep up with him.

Then suddenly Olu was no longer by his side…or at least he couldn’t sense him nearby. The bushes on either side flew past him like a blur. He knew he was running faster than any boy of his age could ever run…no, even faster than any man alive could ever run…

He had indeed become DUNAMIS! Somewhere deep within, he could hear a voice urging him on….

“Go DUNAMIS,! Save the girl!”



When the time is right… (A short story for teenagers…Say no to bullying!)

They strolled down to the bus stop together munching their snacks, each one deeply engrossed in his own thoughts. They were next door neighbours who attended the same school, so it was inevitable they would become best friends.

Olu was slightly taller and broader than his friend Dele and would often protect him from the occasional bully in class, but today had been quite different, for Olu  had been the one who had been bullied by two bullies who had ganged up against him much to the delight of most of their classmates.

He had finally been rescued by the teacher who came running towards them to stop the bullies. It had all happened during recess. It was the reason why Dele had shared his snacks with Olu, for they had taken Olu’s snacks away from him and wolfed it down in a jiffy.

Of course the bullies had been severely punished by the teacher…but nothing could be done about Olu’s snacks. Without hesitation, Dele had handed over his own snacks to Olu though he was very hungry. Olu was in tears and had at first refused the kind gesture, but Dele had insisted… It was a way for him to show his appreciation finally.

Both boys were thirteen years of age and came from rather poor backgrounds but were brave and tough.

Dele however, lived in a world quite unknown to Olu. His mother had brought him up on stories from the bible about how Elijah had outrun the chariots of Ahab and how David and his friends took on an entire army. He had listened with rapt attention to the story of Samson and his great strength.

His young mind had boggled with such images of supernatural strength and ability that one night on his twelfth birthday, he had knelt beside his bed and asked God fervently to give him a birthday gift, and what he wanted was to be as strong as Samson was.

But he had been so disappointed the following morning and several mornings after that when he had tried to lift chairs and other heavy things around the house…no he certainly hadn’t been given the strength of an ordinary teenager let alone the strength of Samson.

He had felt very disappointed and wondered if God actually answered his bed time prayers like his mum and grand mum often claimed, but he had never told anyone about his secret birthday request to God, not even Dele his best friend.

But today, something had happened…something rather puzzling. While the bullies were punching Dele, one of them suddenly tried to hit him on the eye and in a flash Olu’s hand had reached out to block him.

It had all happened so fast and so suddenly, but the puzzling thing about it was that Dele did not remember moving his hand to block the hand of the bully. The bully had been hit so hard on the arm by Dele’s hand that he had yelled in pain.

He too had been mystified and could not identify the person who had punched him in the arm, it had all happened so fast!

Dele knew he had been the one, but didn’t know how he could have moved his hand so fast.

“That punch you gave him on the arm was super!” commented Olu, happily munching the snacks his friend had willingly given him as they entered a bus for the short ride home.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t remember punching him on the arm,” replied Dele.

“Oh, but I saw you. It happened so fast. Where did you learn to punch like that…so fast and so hard?” Olu chuckled, he was very pleased with his friend who had for once come to his rescue just before the teacher had arrived.

Then something clicked in Dele’s mind and his heart beat faster. It was on the tip of his tongue to tell Olu about his secret birthday request from God on his twelfth birthday, but he restrained himself from asking.

The bus dropped them right in front of the road leading to their homes and sped off.

Later that night, Dele took out his bible and reread the story of Samson. Samson had not been fast, he had been strong. It had been Elijah who had been fast.

“God, was it you who used my hand to punch that fellow?” breathed Dele in prayer, not daring to raise his voice. He had earlier worshipped God and thanked him for not allowing his best friend to be hurt by those bullies.

He hadn’t really expected an answer from God especially since God hadn’t answered his secret request for his unusual birthday gift.

His mother came in to read the bible with him and to turn off the lights. They slept together in the same small room.

Ever since Dele’s father had died in a car accident, it had been his mother who had struggled to send him to school.

Dele loved his mother and had vowed to himself that one day he would make her happy and comfortable and she would never need to work ever again.

It was the reason why he never joked around with his studies. Later when she had read the bible to him and answered his questions, she would turn off the lights and go back to work in the small living room where she prepared food for sale for the workers in the surrounding areas.

Dele never knew when she finally came to bed…he would be fast asleep, but would always wake up in his mother’s warm embrace as she kissed him awake to get ready for school.

“Mummy, something happened in school today,” began Dele earnestly.

“Tell me about it,” responded his mother as she put her arm around him lovingly.

“Olu was bullied by some boys today and just as one of them tried to punch him in the eye, my hand reached out very fast and hit the boy’s hand away. I don’t remember even raising my hand let alone punching him. It all happened so fast, but I knew I was the one who punched his hand away. Can you explain it to me mummy?”

“Hmmm…I’m not sure I can Dele, but my guess is that God used you to prevent what could have been serious damage to Olu’s eye. But I will tell you something else…something I have kept from you for a very long time but now I feel it is the right time to tell you.”

“Go ahead mummy,” said Dele eagerly, his eyes shining in anticipation of the story.

“Almost a year ago, I had a strange dream. There was an old man whose face I couldn’t see, and he was talking to me. I was down on my knees listening to him. He told me my son would grow up to be a Saver of Lives. He said you had asked him for a birthday gift and he had given it to you, but you couldn’t use it without his help and power and that one day you would find yourself doing things beyond your power and ability. He said when the time was right, I would be able to tell you that he had answered your prayer from the first night that you had asked.”

“He also told me to tell you that sometimes, prayers have specific time frames when they would be answered. If for instance you ask me to buy you a car, even if I had the money I wouldn’t, because you aren’t old enough to drive a car. Yet it doesn’t mean I won’t buy you the car when the time is right. So have I answered your question?”

Dele wasn’t able to answer…he was in tears and had buried his face in his mother’s bosom.

The God that had given Samson his great strength and Elijah his great speed had also answered his prayers and given him both strength and speed. He had answered his prayers but he didn’t know it until when the time was right…

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Funmi Fallen! Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9

The voice whipped his mind like a whip lash across his bare back; the searing pain sent waves of agony throughout his entire being. Olu Longe knew he was not in his physical body; somehow he had entered a different realm through the waters he had been staring at.

Fool, I own you! Think you that the wealth and affluence of your lineage came at no cost? You and your generations past and future were covenanted to me by your ancestors in exchange for endless wealth and power, and you will do my bidding! The High Priestess is now under the protective custody of a Believer and you will seek her out and ensure he never has access to her again!

I will do as you say my Lord; replied Olu, thoroughly cowed by the pain and the terrifying presence of the one who towered above him.

The Being had two huge angry black eyes that dominated his face; and a gaping maw that had neither lips nor any teeth in it…just an open black hole. Its head was huge and it had a roughly human shape; except that where hands should have been, were huge paws with long and sharp claws, and its body was an elongated snake like torso that ended in two stumps which seemed to serve as its feet.

It hissed violently in anger, coiling and recoiling as it mind-spoke to Olu Longe. Olu bowed his head in terror at the heat of its anger.

He saw other Beings like it approaching all around him including from behind. He could see 360 degrees around him outside his physical form apparently. They came and formed concentric circles around him, chanting in a strange language, but gradually Olu slowly began to gain an understanding of their chants.

He is the High Priest

The one to provide the feast

The greatest and yet the least

The long awaited beast

They chanted the words over and over again as the circles tightened around him. He noticed that they all held short black knives that gleamed eerily and reflected even blacker shadows that flickered like candle light.

Then the first concentric circle thrust him through with their blades and faded out of sight to allow the second circle do the same till they all had thrust him through with their blades.

Olu felt pain beyond that which he could bear and watched a cold, dark black substance ooze out of his ethereal body as dizziness overcame him. The substance dripped into a huge chalice not unlike the black cauldron into which he had been staring before he left his body.

The High Priest has performed the first sacrifice! He has offered his substance! Drink, that you may lend him your power and might!

Olu did not hear the remaining words as he slowly regained consciousness in the store on his seat behind the black cauldron. He groaned in pain, feeling like a thousand needles had just pierced his body. He remembered everything and knew that he had passed through another Initiation…only this time; it was a mingling of his inner substance with the beings he had encountered…he knew this instinctively and immediately, his mind opened wide with the flooding in of new memories.

He remembered a past that he had never known…he saw that he was once a powerful High Priest…a shape shifter…a god to the ignorant…the one whom they had named the Beast!

He saw how he had terrorized villages in eons past as a shape shifting beast and devoured their children. He saw that he had returned in a new form but no less powerful…now he knew he had abilities he had never before remembered.

Olu created a mental image of a snake and slowly slithered to the ground as his body gradually lengthened into a long cylindrical shape and his arms and legs contracted with the agonizing sound of cracking bones till they were swallowed up by his elongated torso…now he knew where he came from…he was one of them…he was a demon…or perhaps he was just possessed by a legion of them.

He slithered under the door and slowly raised himself back into the stature of a man… he was satisfied…but his shape shifting abilities had also returned his voracious cravings and right now he craved the blood of a suckling child.

You do not need to be in your physical form to shape shift.

Olu greedily picked the beast that was uppermost in his mind…the animal instinct in him that most craved for baby blood…it was the wolf!

As the image became clear in his mind, so did he find himself leaving his body yet again but this time in the form of a wolf.

He moved beyond the speed of light through the twilight zone of the other realm, listening keenly for the sound of a wailing babe.

When he finally heard one, he sated his lust deeply and left the home with a silent child and its wailing mother in his wake.

He realized now that he was coming into his own…he was the High Priest of the Dark Kingdom, he was the god Moloch to whom children were sacrificed in ancient times…but more…he was Danakor…first among the Arch Demons!

He belched softly as he returned into his body and turned his attention towards his wife. Swiftly he scanned the mental images that flashed before the mental screen of his mind. They were vastly sharper and superior in quality to the faculty of imagination which like other mortals, he had once relied upon.

Now other faculties were open to him…he keyed into the image that showed her last known location with his spirit eyes and saw that she was in a church talking to some pastor. Beside her sat a man…that would be the Believer…he smiled and then began to laugh deeply…he was not surprised that his laughter was in a voice far deeper than any mortal voice could ever produce.

He toyed with the idea of going there in spirit but then he ‘remembered’ that just as he could see them, he could also hear them. Distance was no barrier in the realm of the spirit, for it did not operate based on the laws of space and time…it was an eternal dimension…an ever present now. It was the reason he could receive racial memories from generations past.

He watched his wife listen to the pastor; hanging on to his every word…he knew she would not return home. The Believer and the pastor would convince her not to…but he could always find her wherever she lodged, and she would probably lodge in some hotel.

It was the reason he was laughing so hard…there was no hiding place from him…he Danakor would find her and when he did; she would suffer the consequences of her disloyalty to the Dark Kingdom.

Danakor slowly faded into the background to allow Olu to resurface and continue with the mundane routine of his earthly life.


“The earth itself is a physical place, but the world is not. The terms ‘world’ and ‘earth’ have completely different meanings. Our Lord certainly made the distinction between ‘world’ and ‘earth’ when he said, “I have overcome the world” in John 16:33. It would be meaningless if he had said, ‘I have overcome the earth,’” said the pastor, after Muyiwa had introduced him to Kemi.

“The Strong’s Concordance first defines ‘World’ as ‘an apt and harmonious arrangement or constitution, order, government.’

“The Vines Expository Dictionary also defines it as: ‘in alienation from and opposition to God.’”

“That should not be surprising since the bible teaches in 1 John 5:19, that “the whole world lies in wickedness;” and James 4:4, “…know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. ”

“There are many things I would love to say about the world but perhaps the most important thing for now is that there is a god of this world, also known as the prince of this world and all those who love and are attached to the world and its things are firmly under his rule. That means that they belong to his kingdom irrespective of religion or creed.”

“John 14:30, Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

“Again; 2CO 4:4 says; In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

“Clearly Christ is not the prince of this world, neither is he the god of this world, for he refers to them in the third person. They that belong to this world serve a different god; and they have been deceived into thinking that just because he is called Christ in churches means that it is the same Christ preached by the apostles. Yet in the book of Galatians, Paul warns against receiving a different gospel of Christ.”

“2CO 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

“GA 1:6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel”.

“That gospel is what is now currently being preached in churches all over the world today, deceiving millions of Christians into thinking they are in the Kingdom of God.”

“You have joined yourself to one who is high up in the hierarchy of the world and the kingdom of darkness, thus you have by proxy become a part of his kingdom.”

“2 Corinthians 6:14, 17 says; Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”

“There is an urgent need for you to break off whatever relationship you have with your husband quickly and renounce the works of darkness. But you can only do that after you have come into Christ. It is not enough to say you are born again. That phrase has lost all meaning with this generation. It is now merely a phrase that signifies that at one time or the other you have come out for an altar call or someone has led you to Christ.”

“Yet that is only the beginning of your life in Christ and most people stop short there because they are not taught how to live the life in Christ. All they know is to keep attending Church Services, thinking that they will grow simply by hearing the words preached from a pulpit; but it is all deception. You can only grow as you live the life of Christ.”

“GA 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”

“Pastor I am ready to accept Christ as my Saviour,” said Kemi, kneeling down in front of the pastor.

“Hmm, I’m afraid it is not quite as simple as that. You see, the probable reason why you are so eager to come to the true Christ is because of fear. You are afraid of the beings that you have been seeing in your dreams; that they may come after you again and with perhaps intent to harm you. But you can never be sincere when fear is your motivation.”

“The bible says in 2Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

“You are afraid; Mrs Longe and that is understandable; but if you come to Christ based on your fear then you haven’t yet understood what Christianity is about. Christ cannot save except he first becomes Lord of your life. The moment you accept his Lordship, he immediately becomes your saviour; and the moment you begin to live a lifestyle that denies his lordship; you automatically lose his power to save you in every circumstance. Do you understand the factors involved?”

Kemi Longe nodded her head. She understood that for the first time in her life, she was about to be genuinely born again. She also understood that her salvation was only valid as she submitted her entire life to the Lordship of Christ. It was a moment by moment dynamic relationship between her Lord and her.

When Muyiwa dropped her off at the hotel, Kemi felt like a burden had rolled off her chest. She sat on her bed and began to rejoice. Hitherto she had never understood the meaning of the word ‘rejoice’; but as she knelt beside her bed to thank Christ for saving her, she suddenly felt her heart sing in an inexplicable way. She knew it was joy…not happiness; for there was nothing happy about her situation.

She knew that she was under the protection of an all-powerful Being and none could pluck her out of his hand except herself!

Yet instead of praising and singing songs of thanksgiving, a strange language burst forth from her mouth all of a sudden. She didn’t understand it, but she knew that God was confirming something to her. She had been translated out of the kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light!

Pelagon smiled down at her and wondered what she would do if her eyes were suddenly opened like Elisha’s servant and she saw the half dozen heavily armed warrior angels surrounding her bed. He and the others raised their swords heaven ward and joined in her praise of the King of kings!


Chapter 10

The old man walked smartly to the TV and turned it off. He never watched it and had only brought it out for his granddaughters. The things he had seen in his life made TV very archaic in comparison.

At the age of 82, the old man was still as strong as a 40 year old and his back was still as straight as ever.

They had gone out for a stroll along with their step brother and that was good. Grandpa Falana (for that was what everyone called him); went into his bedroom and opened the flap that was under the rug in the centre of the room. He climbed down the stairs into his basement. No one had ever been there before, except himself.

This was where he did all his spiritual travelling and consolidated his power. It was where he met with powerful personages that visited him from time to time from the spirit realm.

No one knew who he really was or where he came from. Some said he had been part of the cursed village where the ghostly multitudes had come for their living kin and none of them had ever been seen again.

The truth was that chief Falana had been the most powerful witch doctor of all the surrounding eight tribes until he stumbled quite by accident on a secret which he had never shared with anyone except his beloved son, the late Dejo Falana.

He had created a binding that had trapped the spirit of a giant of old and through that giant he had gleaned the lost knowledge of the race that existed before the children of Adam were created; a world that had finally been torn apart by war after there had been a knowledge explosion.

The giant claimed that his father the mighty fallen angel Hodanga had taught him the things that he later taught the children of Adam. It was knowledge that perhaps would have been forbidden on earth had it been known. Chief Falana had practiced the secret knowledge for many years till he had perfected every aspect of it, and then had released the giant Azrael from his incarceration in the Portal between Worlds; but not before he had found a way to trap him again.

He had taught his young son Dejo lost arts that no other mortal on earth knew and with those arts his young son had succeeded in trapping the giant Azrael once more in the Portal between Worlds.

Azrael had been terrible in his anger and had sworn to destroy the seed of chief Falana forever. Somehow he had cursed the Falana family which had ended up in the tragedy that had befallen the two sons of chief Falana; but not before Dejo had created the Duality using the forgotten knowledge bequeathed to the giants by their fathers the fallen angels. Yet Azrael was still trapped in the Portal between Worlds and there was only one way he could be released. That was how chief Falana had designed the Binding that he had handed on to his son Dejo Falana; and now; his granddaughters too will be able to tap into that same knowledge that had been in the family for so long.

For it wasn’t knowledge that could be read in a book…it was knowledge that had to be transferred…it was the demon Azrael who had taught him how to transfer memories; and now he would do the same for his grandchildren…that was to be their initiation…the transfer of the memories of Azrael and his father…racial memories of the fallen angels from the moment they arrived on earth.

At first he had practised the transfer of memories by sending a few of his own to his late son Dejo; and then he had taught Dejo how to do the same for his children. It was the reason why some of Yomi’s memories were blocked; his father Dejo had blocked them by himself.

He hadn’t wanted Yomi to know his true heritage because he was a bastard son; so he had tapped into his friend Chief Longe’s memories with his permission of course and implanted a memory of chief Longe as his father.

In return, chief Longe had wanted in on the secret knowledge of the transference of memories. But it was not knowledge that could be learnt, it had to be transferred in the form of memories and chief Falana could not afford that knowledge getting out of the family. It was the knowledge that would keep his family far more powerful than any other warlock on earth; yes, even fallen angels would find him to be a formidable foe.

But when chief Longe had become troublesome, demanding that chief Falana fulfil his own side of the bargain and let him into the secret, chief Falana had had no choice but to oblige him…he implanted memories but deliberately neglected to transfer the safe guards required for human memory to contain and decode angelic memory…and so chief Longe ran mad and ran right into the path of a speeding truck…the rest was history.

Now, chief Falana had assembled his grandson and daughters here to prepare them for the greatest battle in the history of man, giant and fallen angel. The fallen angels wanted to introduce a super race of beings and their agenda was already underway…they were tagging it the evolution of mankind to the next level. Already there was technology they had already released to their mortal minions to create super powers…these had resulted in the creation of mutants.

They had first been introduced on the pages of comic books, but now they were a living reality walking among mortals unknown; awaiting the time of their manifestation to the world.

The demons knew this and had countered their move by possessing their minions and fusing their life energies and spirit bodies with their mortal minions so that whatever they could accomplish in spirit could also be accomplished in the flesh, in parody of the Word becoming flesh spoken of in ancient scriptures.

But both sides had overlooked chief Falana; or at least had underrated him. For the one person who could have exposed him, had been incarcerated in the Portal between Worlds and no one – angel or demon would ever think of looking for him there.

Now chief Falana was almost ready to introduce a third kind of being into the world. He had deceived the fallen angels whom he had befriended into thinking that he could fuse three spirits together but alas only two things could ever be joined together to make one…except for the true Trinity enthroned on high.

He knew he would eventually be destroyed by the wrath of the fallen angels when they realized their mistake in trusting him a mortal too much; but he didn’t care. He had fulfilled his destiny on earth…he had become a god and one that was even greater than the fallen who had come down to earth…what could be greater than that? Now he would elevate his children too and make them gods on earth.

As to his twin daughters Funmi and Funke, he had great plans for the Duality. They veiled a secret that they themselves did not know, for their memories were still locked.

Funmi Fallen was his ultimate weapon against the fallen angels…he chief Falana had implanted that name in their memories a long time ago and at the appropriate time had released it. It was unfortunate that he had under estimated Azrael’s powers even in his state of incarceration or else both his sons would not have died.

When the initiation of the Duality was completed, the two would become one indeed…for instead of one spirit in two bodies…there would be one spirit in one body…Funmi’s body would be transformed into the same flesh that fallen angels had created for themselves when they fell from heaven and mated with mortal women…flesh that parodied the glorified body that was said to be reserved for the followers of the Nazarene.

It would be flesh that could vanish and appear…flesh that was indestructible by any mortal or magical weapon; for it was immortal.

But no one knew that yet…it would be his last play on earth when he brought forth the Trinity…Funke, Funmi and the fallen angel’s body in which the Duality would live…together they were to become…Funmi Fallen!




Funmi Fallen! Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7

Yomi had second thoughts about taking his best friend Dapo to see the old man. He remembered that his father had told him that the place was a sacred family shrine and no one should ever know about it.

His memory had been jogged by a dream he had had, in which he had seen both of them in front of the old man who seemed very angry that he had brought Dapo; and for that reason he had pronounced a curse on both of them, for bringing a stranger to desecrate hallowed ground.

Yomi knew that there were things he no longer remembered, and yet there were things he ought to remember but somehow his memory appeared to be blocked. There were other members of his family, so why did he only remember his sister Kemi?

He had vague memories of twins somewhere in his past but he just couldn’t put his finger on those memories, so he had simply shut his mind to them. But now that he had set out for the village, his thoughts turned towards his childhood days. They had not been happy days. He remembered clearly that his parents were always quarrelling.

Once; his father had pronounced certain words over his mother in anger and for two days his mother hadn’t been able to say a word.

Yomi stared at the jungle undergrowth around him that he had been struggling through for the past hour or so. He was not sure anymore if he had gotten the right directions to the village. Things had changed since he had last come here. He didn’t remember the way to the village, but he still remembered the name…it was Oru village…it meant Village of Darkness.

The old man Dapo had gone to see on behalf of his friend Yomi, had told him that the village had been so named because of the atrocities committed in it over the decades. He said that the inhabitants of the village descended from a powerful warlock who had populated his tribe through incest, adultery with neighbours kidnapped from surrounding villages, and other horrible means. The warlock was said to have a huge black dog as his constant companion.

“Sometimes this huge dog was said to have appeared to people in their dreams asking them to give themselves and their families up to the warlock or face retribution. The warlock even slept with the little children of the village that had been offered up to him to avoid the retribution the black dog had threatened; and the list of atrocities went on and on till a curse descended upon the land and the murdered people that had been buried were beginning to be spewed up by the land”, the old man further explained as Dapo sat on a mat beside him.

The man had three wives all of whom were very old, but Dapo had never seen such an old man before. The very skin on his face was almost beginning to become tranparent. Dapo could almost see his cheek bones beneath his paper thin skin. It was on the tip of Dapo’s tongue to ask him how old he was, but he knew it was considered disrespectful to ask an elder about their age.

“Some said they saw their dead relatives appearing to them at the stream where they went to wash water. Others said they saw multitudes of ghostly people entering the village dressed in bloodied clothes, I was one of those who saw them” continued the old man.

“One night, there were sudden screams of terror as people fled their homes in the dead of the night. The story was that the ghostly multitude that had entered the village had come for their living relatives.”

“No one remained in the village except the elderly folk who had no strength to flee. Then it was that the powerful warlock assembled all of them together and made a covenant with them for their souls. I ran for dear life out of the village.”

“He promised that he would renew their youth and give them power beyond imagining if they would accept him as their god and do his bidding without question. The poor elderly folk had no choice but to accept, but were terribly surprised when he made good on his promise and the following morning after the covenant had been made through several rigorous rituals; they found themselves in thirty year old bodies, young and strong again.”

“What was more surprising was that the powerful warlock had vanished and in his place was a giant…taller than five humans standing on each other’s heads according to the story. He was translucent and yet he could touch physical things, and his eyes smouldered with fire as he told them his story.”

“There had been twenty six elderly folk at that time; so they repopulated the village after the warlock had made them young and strong again. The giant told them that he had merely borrowed a ‘body’ and disguised himself as a powerful warlock.”

“He had been the son of a fallen angel and there were thousands of them. The flood had killed them all, for they had mortal bodies; but their spirits were immortal and so they remained on earth possessing mortal bodies including those of animals and living vicariously through them; until the fallen angels saw the pleasure they enjoyed and decided to join them.”

“There was then a disagreement as the fallen angels who had escaped incarceration at the hands of the Heavenly Hosts, came down to take over from the giants; they claimed that mortals had been their possession in the first place, and there would have been no giants had they not mated with mortal women.”

But the spirits of the giants whom mortals had named demons, disagreed with them. They said the time of the fallen angels came to an end when the flood came and a new beginning was ushered in. They said it was now their own time.”

“There were eight powerful fallen arch angels who swore to bring the demons to their knees by force. The giant warned the mortals that when the fallen angels came, they would introduce themselves as the Earth Mothers, and they would take possession of Eight mortals through whom they would rule” the old man coughed and wheezed.

“After they had worshipped him, he chose eight out of them to be his leaders and gave them specific roles to play. He warned them again of the coming of the Earth Mothers; that they would be eight in number, possessing the bodies of mortals. The Eight he had chosen would also be possessed by powerful arch demons and when the time came, the Eight would battle the Eight.”

“He told them their purpose on earth was to groom disciples who would possess powers such as the giants of old had had. Your friend Yomi will step into his late father’s shoes to fulfil his destiny and bring forth the Trinity. The fallen angels have given him his father’s legacy,” the old man’s voice was fading.

“Finally he had told them about the coming birth of the Dark Kingdom and then he had told them his name…his name was Azrael!”


Dapo had told Yomi that the moment his godfather had told him the whole story, he had collapsed and had managed to whisper into Dapo’s ear…

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. It is the only way I can be released from the earth…by telling this story to one who is destined to play a part in the Dark Kingdom…you are not the one; but you will assist him. Thank you for releasing me from this life!” the old man wheezed and then breathed his last.

His relatives had breathed a sigh of relief.

“He was our great, great, great grandfather. He said he was over 150 years old, but no one believed him,” said one of the elderly folk that had gathered at the time Dapo came.

“He must have been kept alive by magical powers,” another had said.

“Somehow you broke his magical powers,” said another.

Dapo had noticed something about all of the descendants of the old man who had just told the story…they all had dilated pupils that gleamed with unnatural light.

Dapo had left in a hurry. By the time he got back to Ibaje city, he had already made up his mind. He wasn’t going to travel with Yomi. He was tough, strong and fearless…but this experience had scared him…he wasn’t ready to involve himself in anything that smacked of the occult…traditional juju was very dangerous stuff.

But then, Yomi had already made up his mind not to take Dapo along because of the dream he had had, so everything worked out just fine.

Yomi rubbed his eyes. He was tired to the point of exhaustion and he could see no end to the jungle undergrowth around him that seemed to stretch for miles and miles.

That was when he began to feel dizzy…everything seemed to be spinning fast around him.

He felt the ground sliding forward; and then it started to gather speed so that he felt like he was in a moving vehicle.

Yomi shut his eyes tightly as he felt himself in the middle of a whirl wind that lifted him off his feet; then suddenly all was calm again. When he opened his eyes, he was standing in front of a building with green skies and a river bubbling merrily downstream.


Olu Longe eased back into the back seat of the car as his driver drove out of the airport. The meeting had been very productive and had given him much needed leverage…but someone else had been there with him. Someone had been standing beside him, whispering words for him to say. He could sense his presence though he couldn’t see him.

Wisdom beyond his years had been given to him through the words of the invisible being. The words seemed to have a hypnotic effect on everyone, for they all seemed to hang on to his every word.

Several pastors had been at that meeting…pastors whose ambition was to ‘own’ mega churches. They had received private emails inviting them to attend this meeting where a philanthropist was willing to finance their ministries on a large scale.

Many of them were poor and struggling pastors, others were simply very ambitious. They envied their more successful colleagues that jetted out to other countries almost every week.

They wanted a kingdom of their own…to be invited to other large churches to preach…to be honoured and even worshipped by members of their churches…to have them hang on to his every word…to own expensive cars and live in mansions.

Hundreds of them attended the meeting over which Olu had presided. He had promised them wealth beyond imagining so they could achieve all they had dreamed of.

Someone had asked a question that Olu had answered easily enough.

“Are there any strings attached; I mean does it involve rituals or anything like that?”

Everyone had roared uneasily with laughter, though Olu had sensed that the question was one they all would have loved to ask. Their uneasy laughter was proof enough.

“Firstly, let me say that I am a Christian and I attend a Redeemed Church Parish. Secondly I am a philanthropist whose main focus is helping struggling pastors. That was the reason why I got my team to compile a list of pastors that could really use some help,” Olu looked around the vast hall with genuine concern.

“I believe that together we can bring back the Christianity of biblical days,” he concluded as everyone rose up to give him a standing ovation. Many of those pastors both male and female had tears in their eyes as they signed the document that made them members of Olu’s organization known as Brethren in Christ – an organisation of churches whose goal was to preach the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

How naïve people were! Olu thought to himself. He had mentioned that he was a member of a Redeemed Church parish and no one had bothered to ask where. They had accepted his story hook, line and sinker. He chuckled, trying to remember the last time he had been in a church but he could not recollect.

It was a spiritual organisation but they did not know how it operated. They thought they had joined some association of churches, but the truth was that they had just been conscripted into the kingdom of darkness; for everyone who had signed the document had legally joined themselves to an unbeliever – Olu Longe. They were now unequally yoked together; they had been deceived, and now they would do his bidding.

The following day, their accounts were credited with money. Hundreds of millions of naira flowed into various accounts, money that was funded by the kingdom of darkness unknown to them…money whose use had been dedicated to the propagation of the kingdom of darkness…now they had no choice…from now on their way would be marked with compromise that would get deeper and deeper each step of the way until finally each of those churches became fully apostate…the Dark Kingdom had been born…right there in the midst of the body of Christ!


Pastor Kobichukwu shouted when the alert for 5 million naira came in. He ran into the master bedroom of his modest two bedroom apartment, shouting to his wife.

“Praise the Lord!!!” They knelt down together and prayed and thanked God for the breakthrough he had given them.

All over the nation, hundreds of other pastors were doing the same thing; they thanked God for such a man as Olu Longe…they thanked God for raising up a financier to champion the work of God.

Calls began to come through to Olu Longe, but it was his P.A that picked all the calls of appreciation. Olu Longe had other phones and more important business to attend to.

The dreams he had been given had given way to sets of instructions which he had carried out to the letter. He had been promised that he would soon see the being that had been talking to him in his head…and now it was time.

Olu entered the small room behind his garage. It had been a store but he had converted it to suit his own purposes and the purposes of the being that now guided him.

The entire room had been painted black and was draped with black curtains. In the centre of the room, was a large black cauldron half filled with water. Several lit candles were arranged on a circular wooden shelf that surrounded the cauldron.

Peer into the cauldron until the black fades away and the curtains of your mind are rent apart, and then you will see what you want to see.

He stood in front of the cauldron and peered into it as instructed. The waters were calm and reflected only the light from the candles. Everywhere was deathly still, for it was a little after midnight.  A dog barked from afar but Olu remained focused on the still, calm waters.

He straightened himself on the wooden chair upon which he sat as the minutes ticked away; resisting the temptation to steal a glance at the clock on the wall.

He did not know for how long he had dozed when all of a sudden the waters began to swirl and cloud over. He saw huge ancient creatures, the kind he had read about in history books that had existed millions of years ago. They stumbled through the jungle that rippled within the swirling waters.

Then a vortex began to form in the waters and as the centre of it began to open, he felt himself drawn towards it. He felt himself being pulled out of his chair and into the waters; yet he didn’t feel the splash of water as the waters covered his head.

Someone had wrapped a cord around his body that glowed with fire. He felt the searing heat from the cord and turned to see the wielder. It was a tall being with huge white eyes. He wore a shaggy, rough robe that seemed to be made of animal skin. He pulled Olu roughly to his feet and stared at him from head to toe slowly.

I am the one you have been mind-speaking with slave! Kneel before your lord. I am Danakor, first among the Arch Demons!

Chapter 8

“You have to tell me everything you know Kemi,” said Muyiwa after Kemi had calmed down.

They were sitting in a restaurant not too far from the Studio. Muyiwa had ordered drinks for them both but Kemi insisted on picking up the tab.

“I keep seeing myself in dreams as a high priestess who offers up human sacrifices. The dreams keep recurring at least thrice a week, but now it is nearly nightly. In the dreams, someone very close to me has always been the sacrifice,” continued Kemi, taking a sip of her juice.

“Where do these sacrifices happen in your dreams?” asked Muyiwa.

“They are always in a vast auditorium with hundreds of people worshipping before me. I am always on some sort of stage and then two men drag in the victim and place him on an altar, and just when I am about to plunge the knife into his heart I awake.”

“Is that the only kind of dream you keep having?”

“Yes…wait; there was one I had a long time ago that did not involve a sacrifice. My husband and I were in bed when suddenly I heard sounds of people laughing in my living room downstairs. I woke up with a start and then my husband woke up too. The sounds that I thought were in my dreams were real and they were coming from downstairs. I told my husband not to go but he went and came back, then I woke up again. Apparently I had been dreaming both times. I thought I woke up, but I had only woken up in the dream. The following morning I found the bedroom door ajar so I went downstairs to see things for myself. I sat on a chair and all of a sudden the chair began to slide sideways, so I screamed and ran back to my husband. We came back together but he turned my head and buried my face in his chest, telling me it was just my imagination. When I think back again, I have a feeling he was trying to hide something from me,” finished Kemi.

“So you think your husband may know something about it?” asked Muyiwa.

“Yes he acted as though he didn’t want me to see the sliding chair. I tried to look back but he just kept my head buried in his chest,” answered Kemi.

“I see. That must have been what I was seeing through his eyes then, and there I was thinking I was staring out of your eyes,” said Muyiwa thoughtfully.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kemi, straightening up in her chair anxiously.

“I had a dream too, but it felt like I was staring out of your eyes; possibly because I heard the sound of your voice though I didn’t hear exactly what you were saying. I saw a chair sliding back and forth in a living room and a shrivelled monkey covered in white hair sitting on it.”

“Oh Jesus!” said Kemi, feeling her blood run cold and her knees beginning to tremble. She stood up from the chair shakily but her legs did not hold up and she sank into the chair again

“You must not give in to fear Kemi, or you will lose this battle. God has revealed all of this to you and especially to me for a reason. It means He is with us in this battle, OK?” said Muyiwa holding her hands and staring earnestly into her eyes.

“The bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind,” continued Muyiwa, but he could see clearly that he was not reaching Kemi. Already her eyes were glazing over. She was seeing something he wasn’t seeing…she appeared to be going into a trance!


Funmi and Funke stared at their step brother with disdain. He looked unkempt after the long and arduous journey. They were all in their grandfather’s living room. He had left them alone for a while and none of them had spoken to each other.

I don’t think he can mind-speak; said Funmi, projecting her thought to her sister.

No and obviously he is some kind of crook or petty thief from his aura; replied Funke.

Yeah I noticed. His aura is so dirty!

Hmmm like yours; replied Funke playfully.

Their grandfather came in at last and took his place on the seat facing them all.

“Ladies, meet your step brother Yomi, from another mother,” he said, gesturing towards Yomi Ajala.

“How you are all related is a story for another day. You were all summoned here for a purpose, though it looked like you all decided to come here by yourselves. There are forces at work that you cannot even begin to imagine and many things are at stake. Each of you has a role to play in the unfolding that will come in the next few months,” finished their grandfather.

He can’t even mind-speak said Funke rather rudely to her grandfather.

He has other abilities that you do not know, beware of his anger! retorted her grandfather.

“A war is coming and each must decide where their loyalties lie. A battle between the spirits of giants and fallen angels; but you must like me, align yourselves with the fallen angels; the ones we call the Earth Mothers. The ones who birth the destinies of men,” continued their grandfather.

“Why would they want to fight, I thought we were all on the same side?” said Funmi, speaking for the first time.

“It is an ancient war between two generations of immortals. Fallen angels a long time ago came down to earth and mated with mortal women and gave birth to giants. But the great Flood came and destroyed the whole earth including the giants before they had had a chance to live their lives to the fullest. They were cut short in their prime not having the opportunity like their immortal parents to mate with mortal women, for they were too small for any kind of intercourse with giants.”

“The giants resented this, and when the Flood finally destroyed them, their immortal spirits were released and they conceived the idea of usurping the bodies of mortal men in order to experience the pleasure of mating with mortal women which their parents had enjoyed.”

“But their parents, the fallen angels; saw that it was possible for the spirits of the giants to enjoy themselves vicariously through the bodies of mortal men, and they desired to experience the same pleasure once again. But the demons; for that is what the spirits of giants were called among mortals; resented the intrusion of their parents and vowed they would resist them.”

“The war has been fought for centuries and will now reach its climax. Though the fallen angels are more powerful, the demons are more cunning for they have the wisdom of both men and angels.”

“All three of you are the children of Dejo Falana my late son; and you, Yomi Falana are the chosen one. You will step into the shoes of your father and complete the assignment he started. He created the Duality – your twin sisters; and now you must create the Trinity – the greatest and most powerful weapon.”

“And how will I do that Baba, seeing as I have no magical talent or skill?” asked Yomi, scoffing at the idea.

“It is the reason why you all must be initiated. It is at the initiation that your memories will be awakened. There, the memories and skills of your father will be passed on to you. That is your legacy Yomi,” responded the old man.

“And what of us grandpa?” asked the twins simultaneously.

“Your father created you to be the beginning of a new Mankind just as Jesus the Christ was said to be first born among the dead and began a new creation; so also shall you be the first born of a new creation. There will be others like you, but they can only be birthed by you.”

“So we must sleep with men, is that it grandpa?” asked Funmi a little angrily.

“You will have your own initiation. These things are magical processes not biological,” replied her grandfather.

“In the meantime, we must explore the full extent of your powers before we unleash you upon the world,” concluded their grandfather.

“What exactly are we going to do to the world grandpa?” asked Funke curiously.

“It has always been the same purpose ever since the god of the earth – Lucifer caused the destruction of the first world. Your purpose is to corrupt the human race with a superior seed. The creation of a super race of beings and you are the fore runners.”

“The Duality will be worshipped by the ignorant because of the powers they possess. The old ways will thus return and the worship of the god of the earth shall begin again. Then the worshippers will be rewarded with the Duality among themselves and then we shall see who is greater; the Church or the Duality. It will take a few more years, but we have begun.”

“Then when the Duality becomes a reality among mortals; only then shall the Trinity be released.  You have heard of the coming of Antichrist and the False Prophet and the Great Beast. They are the ultimate Trinity; yet they must be heralded by those who are created in their own image. Only then can they make their appearance on earth. You are the first among the Earth Mothers. You are One; not two Persons. You are sacred to the Earth Mothers who will possess you ultimately in order to fight the battle.”

Their grandfather leaned back in his chair and surveyed the shocked looks on the faces of his grandchildren, at the stupendous and audacious nature of the Plan they were to bring to pass.